Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Storytelling Week

This is a busy week for storytelling. Tuesday evening,s program for little ones kicked it off. YesterdayI presented a talk on storytelling to a high school theater class, contrasting storytelling with acting. Of course I told a few stories too! Tam Lin is a good tale for this age group and I mixed in some sung verses of the ballad with the told story. Rindercella was a good example of a story that must be memorized to learn, siimilar to learning a monologue.vburnt House is ahouse is a good example of a story based in history as well as being. Riveting ghost story. Then last night I met a storytelling friend who is also an enamelist in the Celtic tradition. She lives in Canada so it has been a year since we got together and we talked nonstop. This evening Iwill present another ghost story program. The weekend holds other events.

My internet is down again so I am posting from my phone so please forgive the typos!

1 comment:

Nance said...

I don't see any typos : ) I'm amazed and impressed that you can post from your phone . . . and just glad you have posted. Have fun!

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