Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kitchen Stuff

A couple weeks back my kitchen faucet began to leak around the place where it swivels. Not a big deal, really, or so I thought. Just replace the washer, right? Only this was a washerless faucet. It looked like a new faucet was in the offing.

Then Larry remembered that when our oldest son remodeled his kitchen, he took out his white enamel sink and faucet to install the new one that would match all the brushed steel they were adding with new appliances. (You ought to see that kitchen--they had a designer to plan it. It's beautiful.) Where was that white sink? Why, up in our cellar top. As it has been for lo these past, ummm, 9 years? Hard to believe it's been that long! We brought it home with us because we figured we'd need a new sink sometime, and here was a perfectly good one...the junker's mind is a dangerous place.

So while I was away last week, Larry put in the new sink. Now we only needed a faucet, but he figured he might as well change the whole thing. The sink is pretty cool--it's VERY deep and wonder of wonders, the sprayer works! It doesn't take much to get me excited, does it? My sprayer has never worked since we put it in back in 1997. Or maybe it was further back than that. The memory gets hazy.

But guess what? The "new" faucet leaks in the same place! This one, however, has a washer so it should be an easy fix.

The other change is even smaller. You know I love my Tappan Deluxe stove, the one that's as old as I am. One of the things I love is the lights on the back. They make such a pretty glow in the kitchen. One burned out a while ago so I found a replacement and after much finagling in a very tight spot, I got it in. But it didn't work. Disappointment ensued. I figured we needed to have a look at the wiring or maybe replace the light socket. But then I turned on the oven, et voila! A new light, one I didn't know was there, came on!

What I had done was replace a different burned out bulb. Now the other two lights are both out, but I've got this cool OVEN ON light. As soon as I can remember them when I'm in town I'll buy more replacement bulbs and do some more finagling to see if I can replace them. This time, though, I'll unplug the stove because last time I stuck my finger in some place I apparently should not have and got a little tingle. Larry thought it was right funny. I did not.

Speaking of my stove, this is how a 25-pound turkey fits in the oven:

It's a close fit, but the turkey cooked beautifully. That's the one I canned today. Did you know a 25-pound bird will fit into 6 quart jars? When all the bones and skin and etc are gone, the meat can be packed into a pretty small amount of space. I like having canned meat in the cellar for fast meals or unexpected company. I'm canning venison this evening.

Enough rambling for this evening!


Rob Hunt said...

I love your stove it reminds me of my 51 Chev pickup

Granny Sue said...

I bet! Such great quality, but with age come some idiosyncrasies. As with all of us :)

Marie said...

Absolutely LOVE both your "new" sink and your old stove! They work together so beautifully, and give such a homey touch to a kitchen! I never thought of canning the leftover turkey! I think that's a great idea!

Granny Sue said...

Canned meat is so handy, Marie. It takes time to do, of course--it takes 90 minutes in the canner. That's when I'm grateful that the gas is free.

Farmchick said...

I used to live in an older home that had a similar stove and I adored it. It even had a small warmer beside the oven door.

Granny Sue said...

That would be a nice feature, Farmchick, especially at the holidays when lots of food is being cooked. Mine has drawers which are a blessing in my drawer-less kitchen.

Nance said...

I hope to learn to can beef. My mother-in-law did and there is nothing quicker or more tender when unexpected company comes by than canned beef. I imagine that must be the same with venison but I don't have the venison at hand. Sue, I didn't know you could can turkey. What other meats/fowl do you can besides venison and turkey? My mother's 1950s gas stove had a dish towel rack on one side of the oven and shelves on the other.

Granny Sue said...

I've canned pork (both hams and plain pork), sausage, chicken and beef, Nance. Not for a long time though! Back when I did all those we did not have electricity so this was how I stored meat. I will be doing some chicken this winter as we thin down the henhouse--a lot of freeloaders out there. My sister-in-law used to can herring but I have never tried to can fish.

My old Tappan was like you describe, Nance. This one must have been the Cadillac edition with the chrome drawers on the left and the dish towel rack and knife drawer on the right.

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