Thursday, November 10, 2011

School Daze

Back from another day of storytelling at an elementary school--this followed Tuesday's storytelling at a middle school, and the weekend with teachers. It's been a busy time.

The best of today:
  • Hugs from boys in 4th and 5th grade. They're still young enough to do that without being self-conscious about it. By middle school they lose that freedom because it's not "cool."
  • The interest of these grades in my story of my mother and father meeting and falling in love. Not the right stuff for this age group? Think again. 
  • The bright eyes of red-haired girls when I told about my father seeing a redhead in line at a tea shop in England, and falling in love on the spot. I think maybe red-haired girls don't hear stories like that very often, from the looks on their faces. Priceless.
  • The preschoolers who were so into the stories! I don't get many opportunities to tell to these little ones but they are so much fun. It takes more energy from the storyteller but these little people can travel right into a story with no problem. The Gunniwolf, the old lady with her "jig" and her "jag" and her long leather bag in Gallymanders, and the problem of a noisy house were great fun with them.
  • The little boy who said he knew what "lazy" meant: it means "hyper." Who knew? Certainly not this storyteller!
  • The boy who was so relieved when I told him he was now divorced after having to be married in one story. Boys are so funny!
  • The little girl with the golden hair and very tiny voice who bravely took the role of the girl in The Gunniwolf, and did her part perfectly.
  • The small blond boy who looked up at me like I was a movie star when I ran into him in the hall as I was leaving, and gave me such a sweet hug. Ahhhhh. What a tough job I have.
  • The kids who told me they remembered the stories I told last year and the songs we sang--and named them, so they weren't making it up.

Thanks, Salem Elementary, for having me again. I've come home with memories and smiles that will last, I hope, until I see you again.


Nance said...

oh wow! don't you just love the little people. I sure do!

Rowan said...

Days like this must make your story telling really worthwhile - it must be a great feeling.

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