Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Thursday:

Time to show you some more finds! This pretty 50's vintage recipe box was found at a thrift shop. It is covered with kitchen graphics and the inside looks like it was never used. Pink seems to be a color in favor with those doing retro and vintage kitchens. This week a set of pink plastic canisters I listed sold in 2 minutes, so I am hoping the same buyer might come back by and see this little box.

I've been exploring the world of vintage handbags recently, and have a few offered for sale on eBay. This one sold quickly. Its soft velvet and tapestry stripes in rich brown really caught my eye. It was made by a company called Bienen-Davis, and is probably a 60's or 70's vintage.

The pattern on this large metal tray is called Blue Onion. It's in demand by those who decorate with blue and white. I liked the shape of this tray and the openwork detail. It's big too!

This find took some elbow grease. A lovely Gorham silverplate bowl, it was made for the Metropolitan Museum as a reproduction of a 17th century piece by Jacob Boelen. I found it at a flea market in a box of junk. After 20 minutes and much silver cleaner it looks beautiful again. 

I am still trying to identify this charming little crockery pitcher/cruet. I think it may be Hull or McCoy--anyone have an idea? I also think it's vintage 1930's or 1940's based on the colors and the way they are applied. There is no mark on it to help with identification. If you can tell me more about it, I'd sure appreciate it.

Anthropomorphic teabag holders were probably once part of a set that came in a little rack.

These 6 glasses were my best find recently. I knew they were carnival glass but the painting on them looked odd to me. Was it added by someone later on? Or was it original to the pieces? It took over an hour of searching to find the answer: it was put on at manufacture, and the glasses were either Fenton or Northwood, and probably from the 1920's or earlier, made as part of a water set that included a lovely, very striking pitcher. The price of the complete sets took my breath away. I listed them on eBay for a reasonable amount because I didn't have the pitcher and I hoped someone who needed to complete a set would buy them. In two minutes, they were sold--and to a man who owned a pitcher but needed the glasses! Could I have made more on them? Probably. Was I happy with what I sold them for? Absolutely--and the glasses are now reunited with the pitcher, so it's a hapy ending all around.

I've found lots more, but that's enough for today. Visit my eBay site if you want to see more. I've been adding some clothing today, another somewhat unfamiliar area for me but you know, clothes don't take near the packing or worry of glassware.

Back to adventuring on eBay. Oh, and I did do other things yesterday; I got 24 quarts of pears canned with my neighbor--my pears, her sugar, my free gas, her company :)--and I made 6 pints of spiced pears too. The link is to the recipe I posted a couple years ago, but word to the wise: DON'T PUT THE SPICES IN THE JARS--unless you want brown pears :( They tasted great but looked not so great. This time I followed the instructions and removed the spices before jarring up my pears. The result is lovely golden pears in golden syrup, and so delicious. And this fits with my vintage theme because spiced pears is certainly a vintage preserve!

I'm linking again to Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingies Thursdays. so be sure to visit her blog and check out the other great posts on vintage items.


Betsy said...

Love all your pretty vintage finds, especially those tea bag holders and the glasses. Great story about the glasses hooking up with the pitcher! Thanks so much for your input on my little cabinet, I really appreciate it.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

How fun to see your great vintage finds. I love the recipe box! My Mom had one just like it. I think I'll visit your Ebay to see if its still for sale!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

Hi Sue,
I found your post so interesting. I loved the history you provided on your found treasures. I used to sell on ebay but now mostly sell in my two etsy shops. I have a couple of pieces of vintage red Fiesta to put on ebay. You've inspired me. Thanks for visiting Cottage and Creek. I'm your newest follower.

LV said...

Very nice post filled with great vintage finds.

Granny Sue said...

Welcome, ladies! I will be dropping by your blogs today too--I love seeing what others post for Vintage Thursday, and I learn from each of you.

Lynn, I'm glad you stopped by. Thanks for being a follower!

Coloradolady said...

I wish I knew more about that pottery, love the colors in that piece. It looks like Hull to me, but not sure! Love the little teabag sweet! You have some real treasures here!

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