Friday, December 30, 2011

Writing My Way Home Again

Fiona and Robyn are once again requesting small stones: small, mindful writings that capture the small things that make up our lives and our world. I accepted the challenge last year and wrote a poem each day in January, and I will be participating again this year in the River of Stones project.

How can we write our way home? Fiona and Robyn's e-book explains the process clearly, framed in a story that might describe many people's lives. It is awareness, mindfulness, attention, and senses that are alive and receptive. How often do you find yourself traveling on automatic pilot, unable to describe the places you have passed? How often do you go through your day accomplishing the routine but unaware of the extraordinary that surrounds you? We all do these things, and we lose some of life's richness each time we are too absorbed to notice.

Perhaps you would like to join me, Granny Kate and many others in writing small stones in January. To learn more, and to sign on, visit Writing Our Way Home. You will find a warm welcome awaits you.


Country Whispers said...

I like the idea behind this. There are so many "little" things that fly right by us in our hectic days and we don't even see or notice them.
I'm going to get a little notebook ready and give this a try.
Thanks for sharing!

Granny Sue said...

Good luck with it, Jessica. Even a sentence is worth the effort.

Granny Kate said...

Several of the Dooleys are doing this in 2012. I am one of them.

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