Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Finds

It was a cold icy Saturday but we headed into town anyway. We didn't get far though before we got stuck--on our own driveway. We were talking and Larry was just dawdling up the hill when we realized the car was spinning and we were not moving forward anymore. Oops. The ice was a thin slick layer and we thought it was melted off. Not exactly. It took only a few minutes to got moving again, though. We kicked the ice to rough it up, tore up a small cardboard box I had in the car and put pieces under the tires and off we went. All-wheel-drive is great, but not perfect.

We had a few errands to do before we went to the junk shops, and we had lunch at our favorite mom-and-pop restaurant, the Downtowner. The folks who run it are avid square dancers and he is a caller too, and at almost 80 years old he is still going stron. Larry had his favorite--brown beans and cornbread and I tried the grilled chicken club sandwich. I will definitely have that again; it was delicious. As we watch our dollars more carefully now we've found that eating out for lunch can be cheaper than breakfast. That was a surprising discovery.

So what did we find when we finally got to the shops?

 This little lady is older than she looks. She is dated 1944 on the bottom, with a note saying she was made by "Mom Schmetzer" in Retsil, Washington. So how did she end up in a funky resale place in West Virginia? I don't suppose I'll ever know her story, but I can imagine many. Maybe she belonged to a soldier stationed in Washington? Maybe it was an internet romance? How do you think she journeyed so far?

Teabag holders shaped like beehives! They even came with their own little rack. Downside: one teapot-shaped holder is missing its spout. I still think they were a deal, though, and the wire racks are not easy to come by.

My British friends will be able to identify this metal pan. Anyone want to guess what it is? I was surprised to find it here because I doubt there are very many people who use these pans in my area.

This plate lives up to its name! It's the Happy pattern by Mikasa and it's a huge serving plate. I have noticed many people collecting these 70's-vintage patterns, so I picked this one up to list on eBay.

Two pretty flower plates, perfect for spring decorating. I picked up a couple of small wooden display shelves for them too but don't have a photo of those.

A four place setting of Fair Lady by Sevron. The set included cups, saucers, salad plates and dinner plates, along with a big serving bowl.

Now I am not a collector of statuettes either, but I know that many people collect deer planters and this one is a true beauty--even I like it! The artwork is just gorgeous. I believe this is from Japan, and maybe 30's or 40's vintage? Someone who knows better, enlighten me! (Sold already on eBay!)

I am a sucker for embroidered work so this lovely dresser scarf called my name.

That's a few of the finds. Many will be listed on eBay, and a few will find homes in nooks and crannies at my house.

Did you make any great finds this weekend?

I'm linking to Her Library Adventures, Boogie Board Cottage's Masterpiece Monday and Apron Thrift Girl this week. Be sure to visit them to see other neat stuff people uncovered over the weekend!


Rowan said...

Sounds like a nice day out once you got started:) I'm not at all sure about the pan - unless it's maybe for making ice cream bombes? I'll be interested to discover what it really is anyway.


I did not find anything great this week end. Went to writers workshop in Cols. BUT I love yours. Each piece is lovely and just the type of things I'd pick up.
It's so much fun to go to those place and find treasures. Hope each one finds a new home. Blessings. Barb
PS I've been busy getting ready to put my first novel on Kindle, Amazon.

Granny Sue said...

Rowan, I thought you or John might recognize it. Maybe my photo is bad.

How exciting for you, Barb! I bet that's quite a process.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I do not like driving when the roads are suspicious - like hidden black ice. I stayed home all last week just to avoid road problems.

Nice vintage finds.

Granny Sue said...

We knew the roads were clear, Joy, otherwise we'd have been house rabbits! But that hill on our driveway is in a shady spot and takes much longer than anywhere else to thaw. Last thing I expected, though was to get stuck.

Angel said...

Is the pan got something to do with coal? Looking at a bigger picture, steamed pudding, i.e. the figgy veriety? Just my guesses. :) The other knick knacks are all lovely and my great grandma had ones simular to that last two.

Granny Sue said...

Angel, you got it! It's a steamed pudding mold. You put the pudding into this mold, put the lid on it and submerge it in boiling water to cook it. That's why I was surprised to find this in Ripley--not the place for steamed puddings, figgy, plum or otherwise, I would think.

suzieQ said...

Hello, first time here. Visiting from ATG and thought I was so smart since I recognized the pudding mold. My mother went through a spell of loving to make steamed pudding but I never got into it, maybe the ground suet :-( was the thing that turned me off. Not surprised your little deer planter sold, wicked cute.
I so enjoy seeing what treasures are available throughout the country. Thanks, GS!

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