Saturday, March 10, 2012

Working on Work

This weekend is dedicated to finishing up the handouts for my storytelling events this coming week. On Tuesday I will be McDowell county, West Virginia, telling Appalachian stories and leading a teachers workshop. I'm sure I'll come back with lots of pictures from this historic area; coal mining has been the major industry in McDowell since the turn of the last century and there is much to see there. We were in the county seat of Welch back in 2005 and I was awestruck by the place--many empty buildings and yet history seemed to scream from every place I looked.

When I return I'll be immediately packing to drive to Buffalo, NY to meet up with my friend and fellow storyteller Lorna Czarnota. Together we're driving to Albany to participate in the Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference. Lorna is a featured storyteller on Friday night and I am presenting a showcase on Appalachian ballads on Saturday. Both of us are looking forward to time together and time with our storytelling friends. I am excited about seeing a little more of New York state; I've only been there once and was only on the western edge. I know there will be plenty to see.

So it's back to work getting prepared for a story-filled week. The sun is shining and I'd really rather be mucking about in the flower beds but that pleasure is on hold for a week or so. There will be plenty of time to be outside when I return. But right now the boss says "work." Yes ma'am.



How fun to be spending time with friends on an outing. I love the writing week ends we used to do. It's been a while for me.
Savor every minute!
I'm hoping and praying to make the WV writers conf this summer. Fingers crossed and all. Seems every year either hubs or I get sick.
I hope to bring my paperbacks with me of VADA FAITH.
And hope to see you there.
Have a great get away.
Blessings on your trip.

Granny Kate said...

I love reading about your storytelling adventures.

Nance said...

look forward to future stories of your travels and conferences . . . and your weekends of work the "the boss"! how's that log cabin coming along? and your spring gardens?

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