Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For Sale: Good Taste, Mountain Style

Many of you asked about ramps--what they were, how they tasted, and how to use them. I dried the ones we harvested a couple weeks ago, and thought perhaps I would sell some since I ended up with quite a lot.

Ramps are renowned for their virulent, long-lasting aroma, but once dried they become an intriguing new flavor to add to favorite dishes. Try them mixed into fried potatoes in the last few minutes of cooking; stir some into soups and stews; add to pot roasts, tomato sauces, goulash, stir-fry and all kinds of other dishes.

You might even want to make this traditional Spring ramp dinner--scrambled eggs, applesauce, ham, fried potatoes and ramps, brown beans and cornbread. Too delicious.

Consider using dried ramps in any recipe that calls for garlic, onion, or onion/garlic salt. Add a spoonful to hamburger as you make it into patties for a really different taste. The possibilities, as you can see, are endless.

Each jar contains about 1 ounce of dried ramps, but there that is a LOT of ramps-- over 1/2 cup to be exact. That is enough to last through many, many recipes. The jars will be labeled so the postman--and your family-- doesn't get suspicious about what the green stuff might be :)

Price for per jar is $7.00 and includes all shipping and handling and can be paid for through Paypal or by check. To buy a jar, email me at susannaholstein@yahoo.com and I will send you payment information.

Add a little taste of these wild West Virginia mountains to your cooking!


Granny Kate said...

How about a barter -- but let's make it at the WV Writer's Conference. I'll bring you a lovely old newspaper I found in a trunk in an attic of a house we cleaned - it is from 1957 -- and I don't know anyone's hands I'd rather put this into than yours -- and you bring me a spicejar of dried ramps. What say ye?

Mary said...

Oh, Yes!!! I do want to try some. Could you include some of the cooking suggestions??

Granny Sue said...

I'm all for barter, Kate :) Bring the paper and we'll talk :)

Granny Sue said...

Mary, I sure can include recipes; that's a great suggestion.

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