Monday, May 7, 2012

Picking Up Bargains on the Way Home

 A trip is not complete with a few yard sale stops, right? Donna and I stopped at two sales on the way home from the storytelling conference in Ohio, and I came home with some good finds. The photo above shows some of them: a tin tea caddy from England, an American Pattern Glass butter dish in the Portland pattern (yes, I've already looked it up!--made around 1900),  a pretty handpainted cream and sugar set from Germany, a bowl full of safety pins that cost less than the pins alone and the bowl turned out to be a Fenton piece, a Pyrex Friendship Bird mixing bowl with a red and yellow pattern, three Fire King flame stackable coffee mugs,

two large gilt dresser mirror trays, a really nice set of Anchor Hocking amber swirl salad bowls,

 an American Pattern Glass goblet in the Narcissus Spray pattern (made around 1917)

and quite a few other things, including two glass-topped end tables for Donna. Her car was quite full with our suitcases, storytelling stuff and these treasures but we had a very good time. I was excited to find more pattern glass; that gave me an intriguing search this evening and since I was too tired to do much else, it made for a nice evening's browse through my pattern books and the internet trying to track these down.

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Rowan said...

Another good haul then:) I like the amber swirl glasses, they are very pretty. Hope you had a great time.

Granny Sue said...

It was, Rowan :) And I had a very good time. I'll write more about it in today's post.

I think my favorite find this time was the goblet. It is so beautiful, such detail in the design.

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