Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainy Day, Flower Day

 It rained all day today. Poured some of the time. We're getting antsy to get things into the garden but today was not the day. Still we managed to make the most of a soggy situation. We bought plants.

The trip to Charleston's Farmer's Market, about 50-some miles away, was not without some adventure. 

 Yes, that's a Loomis armored car on its roof in the median. And that's money scattered on the ground. There were broken money bags and coin wrappers all over the place and the police were busy cleaning it all up--and keeping people out of it! According to the Charleston Gazette, both men in the truck received only minor injuries. Apparently some people who arrived first on the scene took some of the money and could be facing some serious charges if they are identified. Needless to say, we just drove on by. When we returned home 3 hours later, they were still cleaning up the site.

We managed to arrive at the farmer's market intact and with all our cash, which was a good thing because we left a good bit poorer than when we arrived. I miss my greenhouse this year; buying plants is fun but costly. I was happy to find the varieties I like, however, and a few flowers that were new to me. The back of my SUV was full when we left. Now we just need the weather to clear up a bit so we can get these things in the ground.

What did I bring home? Tomatoes of several varieties, tomatillos, celery (at last!), rosemary, squash, scented geraniums, new lavender plants (I lost a couple over the winter), chamomile, regular geraniums, petunias, this little white flower that I don't know but love it in pots, lobelia, Victoria, pineapple sage, chili peppers, bell peppers, and Lord only knows what else. We'll be planting fools when the ground dries.

We also voted today--it's primary election day in our state. I hope our votes plant some good people in office.

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Angela said...

Oh wow! I can't believe you got caught in that traffic! I seen it on the news and seen where people were stuck there for hours. I didn't know some took some of the money.

We haven't bought any plants or seeds yet but I hope to get that done soon.

Rowan said...

Now that looks like a really big Farmer's Market! Glad you got all your plants, your weather sounds just like ours, we're having so much rain that getting out in the garden is almost impossible though I did manage a couple of hours yesterday.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Two days of rain forecast here too. In fact I haven't had much gardening weather recently though caught up a bit yesterday. Our politicians are more like some weeds - they look pretty enough at first but then run out of control and are impossible to get rid of.

c. Joy said...

Trying to figure out how the Loomis truck did that... glad no one was seriously hurt. I love going to buy plants (it's on my list for Friday). I lost a row - 4 plants - of lavendar in last year's drought. I think part of the problem was I OVER watered them (I was trying to help). Have fun in your garden.

Granny Sue said...

Angela, we were lucky. We were headed the other way so we had a lane open. The other side? They were stuck for a long time.

It's a pretty good-sized market, Rowan and such beautiful plants! It was a good day to be there.

Today is still overcast so we're twiddling our green thumbs again :)

Granny Sue said...

I hear you about the politicians, John. I could not vote in some categories, the choices were so bad. I was most interested in being sure to vote for the school levy and the library levy. We need those things. The politicians? Not so much.

Granny Sue said...

Joy, I think they hydroplaned on the wet roads. I hope they don't lose their jobs. Some companies have a zero accident policy; with jobs so scarce I'd hate to see that happen to them.

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