Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Schedule is Filling Up

I worked on storytelling details yesterday: mailing contracts, touching base with a few people, updating my online performance schedule, ordering a couple new puppets and some other supplies for the library summer reading programs. I'm getting my ducks in a row and in marching order because this is going to be a busy summer of storytelling.

The photo is from last summer's library program of world stories. This year the libraries' theme is Dream BIG, so my programs for this theme are Sky Tales and Campfire Tales. I've had fun learning about constellations, creation myths and other how-and-why stories about the sun, moon and stars. As you can see in the photo, library program audiences quite often span generations.

My schedule is posted on another page of this blog, but here is a copy of it:

June 7: Private performance at my uncle's assisted living facility.

June 8-10: WV Writers Conference, Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV. Networking and learning! See www.wvwriters.org for conference details.

June 19: Vienna Public Library Storytelling for Summer Reading. 10:30am and 1:00pm. Call 304-295-7771 for details.

June 20: Storytelling programs for Lincoln county libraries: Alum Creek at 11 am, Hamlin at 12:30, and Branchland at 3pm. Then on to Asbury Woods to tell stories for a Christian teen group at 7:00pm.

June 21: Storytelling at Nitro Library, 1:00pm

June 21-23: WV State Folk Festival, Glenville, WV. Coordinating the Oral Traditions tent and more.

June 22: Leaving the festival for a little while to tell stories for the Outdoor Adventure Camp near Elkins, WV.

June 24-30: Taking lap dulcimer class at Allegheny Echoes! Yay!

June 27: Louis Bennett Public Library, Weston, WV, at 10:30am and Lost Creek Library at 1pm: Summer Reading Program presentations.

July 3: Storytelling in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle for Morgan County Library

July 6: Storytelling at the Ravenswood Library in my home county, 10:00 am

July 9: Storytelling at Summersville Library and Richwood Library in central WV

July 10: Storytelling for Moundsville and Benwood libraries in Marshall County

July 12: Storytelling for the Riverside and Marmet libraries in Kanawha County. 10:30 am at Marmet, 6:00pm at Riverside, with some time to explore in between.

July 13: Storytelling at the Ripley library in my home county.

July 16: Storytelling for Paden City Library ar 10am and the Sistersville Library at noon

July 17: Vienna Public Library storytelling program (Western Tails) at 10:30 am

July 19: Traveling south to tell stories at the Logan Area Public Library, 1:00 pm.

July 23: Traveling north to Cameron Library for a 1:00 pm program, then on to Mannington for a 6:00pm program.

August 5-11: August Heritage Old-Time Week, Elkins, WV: Teaching Appalachian Storytelling for a full week!

September 8: Ghost storytelling at the Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival.

September 14-15: Meigs Sternwheel Fest, Pomeroy, OH. Storytelling for the festival.

September 15: Chickens in the Road Annual Retreat, Camp Sheppard, Gandeeville, WV. Storytelling for the attendees of the CITR's second homesteading skills retreat. See details at www.chickensintheroad.com 

September 22: Appalachian program at the Gaslight Theater in Sistersville, WV.

October 13-14: West Virginia Book Festival. Coordinating the storytelling programming for the festival.

October 20: Ghost Stories Concert, Sistersville, WV, at the Gaslight Theater.

November 3: Annual writing contest program, Ripley Library

November 10: Creative Writing workshop, Gaslight Theater, Sistersville, WV. Pending.

November 18: Private event, Martinsburg, WV

That's the schedule so far. There are a few more pending programs for the holiday season and other events, but this is enough to keep me hopping for a while, I think.

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Nanette said...

Hi Granny Sue, I am new to your delightful, wonderful storytelling blog. I read your summer schedule of your stortelling at the libraries. My, what a busy lady you are and a wonderful way to spend your life and your summer. Thanks for posting your summer storytelling schedule at the libraries. Are you going to video tape them to your blog. I will really look forward to your puppet stories, and especially your stories about the constellations, sun, moon and stars. What a wonderful, wonderful way to share your storytelling talents with everyone. See you on your blog. Have a great summer, Granny Sue!

Rowan said...

You're going to be busy!

Anonymous said...

I thought you retired. Looks like you are busier than ever. Hope you are having fun.

Nance said...

My Mama, born 1920, lived at Vienna or the Vienna Stop of the streetcar line. I think this is right. Do you pronouce that "Vi enna?" long "I"?

Carolyn Stearns said...

Great scedule for summer mine is similar but not with libraries mine is leaning to museums and fairs. The dulcimer class sounds wonderful!!!! Have a great summer!

Nance said...

Sue you are busy . . . but I think you are following your calling and will be content. Good for you! Glad you are doing something for yourself too -- the dulcimer lessons. My father got a bug and made each of his kids a lap dulcimer and then another 30 dulcimers which he sold. I cherish my hand-made one but can't play it :(

Granny Sue said...

Carolyn, it is good to know that you're finding a lot of work in your area; many storytellers are not having an easy time of it in this economy.

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