Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Thursday: Auction Time

My car can hold a lot of stuff!

In the hatch: 4 foot round oak table with drop leaves, an oak occasional table with the coolest little porcelain casters, and a solid marble table top about 2x3 feet. Some other odds and ends were tucked in around and under.

Then in the back seat, more stuff, including a rocking chair, wrought iron 4-tier shelf with glass shelves, a few boxes of odds and ends, and (best deal, according to Larry) a pair of work coveralls. It's a mess but we had a time getting it all in the car.

Then there were two leaded glass windows to put in too. One is in good shape, the other not so good but still nice. Somewhere hidden in here is a stoneware cookie jar, a Fenton amethyst vase, and ...

 yes, a set of sip n strip glasses--how weird is that. I listed these on eBay. It was an interesting evening at the auction; I did get some odd looks when I got these in a lot; not something a granny would buy! I hope they sell, though.

There were other good finds last week, and I'll try to post them later.  I hope your weekend finds were fine too!

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Michelle said...

lol Love those old glasses! You are a true professional at getting everything in your car.

Amy said...

Hey, these are some neat finds. I love my peak at the leaded glass window! Really neat. I've got a neat vintage find I'm posting about tomorrow. Isn't it fun to find such treasures!

momalizzie said...

Grannysue!!! You need a truck, tho you do seem to fit alot into your "mini" truck!

Granny Sue said...

I am so sorry to be so long posting your comments. I was away at our family reunion and got home last night. Liz, I have a truck, but we didn't think we'd need it. What were we thinking!

Amy I need to stop by your blog again; it's been a while :) And the same for yours, Michelle. Spring gets so hectic I don't get to read like I do in the winter.

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