Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in Review: Family Reunion

I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll start with scenes from a busy family reunion last weekend:

It's not easy to leave home this time of year, with the flowers blooming and the gardens burgeoning. But the past week was full of travel.

First was the family reunion at Lost River State Park. Larry (wearing his part hat that makes me say uh-oh because I never know what's he'll be up to when he wears it) and granddaughter Hannah helped move some of my sister Judy's horses from the pasture to the stables for the weekend. Judy operates the stables at the park, and during the reunion many family members go riding.

Friday night gathering in our cabin with sisters, in-laws, grandchildren and cousins.

I spent a little quite time on the porch in the morning, waiting for my pasta to cook for the salad I was making for the reunion. This cabin is like home in some ways--rustic decor and a fireplace--but different because it is surrounded by the forest, and there are neighboring cabins that I can see, unlike home where we can see no other houses.

Was there really a secret cache in the ceiling of one of the cabins? Curious minds wanted to know. We found the access, but no stash. It kept me and a few of the younger ones curious and busy for  while though.

Some played volleyball, some went stargazing, some rode a unicycle, others climbed trees or spent hours talking. All had a good time.

There sure were a lot of these shirts around! Judy coordinated this project and the shirts were a big hit.

It seemed like the reunion was over so quickly! We drove home via Big Ridge, the back way to Moorefield. We had an extra passenger or two:

Hannah rode back with us, along with grand-dog Benson who is staying with us for a few weeks while his family moves. Bennie seemed pretty comfortable on the ride home.

I have such good memories of this weekend: renewing ties with family, getting to spend time with granddaughter Sarah and her family, watching cousins play and talk, sharing news and listening to stories and songs at the evening family storytelling time. Although there were fewer people at the reunion this year (lots of conflicting events and schedules) I think it was the best one we've ever had.

Next year? Maybe some of our English cousins will join us. For certain there will be at least one new baby to meet. I am so glad we started this tradition and I hope it continues for a long, long time. In the end, there is nothing quite like being with one's family.

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Rowan said...

How great to have big family reunions like this, so glad you enjoyed it.

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