Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Junking Again

Today I took a half-day break from storytelling work to go to some of my favorite thrift shops. Along the way, I found a new one. Lots of finds today, and a few from last week, to show you.

First, here's a look at some of the mess in the kitchen as I unpacked today:

My favorite finds? This teapot made by Shawnee (in business between 1937-1961):

A Vitrock flour jar:

 I found a nice selection of other teapots too. My favorite is the blue ribbed one that looks like a calico print. The novelty pots are fun, and the yellow is a nice retro 60's or 70's piece. The Pop cup and saucer is just too cute. I wish I had time to get it into my booth before Father's Day this weekend but I doubt that is going to happen.

The black creamer is iridized, very shiny, with a ribbed interior. I will have to look this one up to identify it. I love eye cups and was happy to find this one. The pattern glass relish plate is another look-up item to identify the pattern and maker. The green depression lid doesn't go to anything I own but I will list it on eBay because someone is probably looking for that exact lid.

A chair full of fun finds. (Can you tell my camera's battery was dying?)  Three aprons, a neat handled tin, crocheted Chistmas tree potholder, black patent leather purse, scarves and hats!

Here's a close-up of the tin. I found several good tins today.

I liked these lacy glasses too; the teacup says Mother. It had no saucer so I found one to match it.

A ceramic hand vase. I had no idea this shape was so popular until I started buying for my booth. I like it myself!

I've been finding pieces of this shell pattern here and there; it was made by Anchor Hocking in the 1960's and was apparently a limited production. This large salad bowl will go with the other pieces I have found. It's getting to be a bog set--dinner plates, snack sets and cups, a candy dish... The salt and pepper don't show well but they have silverplate tops and the bottom glass part in inside a removable silver filigree case. The little box is a popular item in both my booth and on eBay, and the aqua "wedding cake" candy jar is Jeannette glass from the 60's.

I guess my favorites in this lot are the chickens match holder and the bright blue compote in the back of the photo. But there's a lot of other things I like too!

That's a peek at some of it. I need to remove tags, wash, look up, re-pack, etc as soon as time allows. It was a good day for looking, though, and a break I was needing. Now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day with 4 shows lined up.
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Amy said...

I love the teapots and wedding cake candy dish. You found some good treasures.

quinn said...

Love that flour jar! I try very hard not to bring any more goodies into my tiny kitchen, but THAT would have come home with me in a heartbeat! :)

Granny Sue said...

I got a few of these listed on eBay the other night; the rest will have to wait until the next two wild weeks are over :) It was a good day, especially finding that new shop.

Chicken Wrangler said...

Hey Granny Sue! Love your goodies - I have a match tin like the one you found - I fell in love with it too! And, when I was in Canada, hubby's brother gave me a hand vase of milk glass that is very old. Seems many makers used variations of that design and it can be found in so many colors of glass, and different shaped 'horns' that the hand is holding. A person could start a collection of just those type of hand vases! Good finds, gal!

Granny Sue said...

I never noticed the hand vases before, but now I see them everywhere. It's an attractive design so I can see why manufacturers like it. Off to visit your blog now!

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