Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It has taken over lately--life, that is. So many things going on that I've had little time to write on my blog and I miss it.

Here's a quick look. I hope to put up a decent post tomorrow.

First was the writer's conference this past weekend. What an amazing time--workshops that re-started my creativity, friends I haven't seen in a year, getting a smooch from our new Poet Laureate (and good friend) Marc Harshman while being introduced at the opening meeting, performing as part of the Friday night entertainment, late late night/morning Saturday singing, telling and listening to stories and talking with friends. Then the sad goodbye Sunday--and rushing home to unpack and re-pack to leave for my oldest son's house.

I traveled with grandchildren across the state with granddaughter Haley driving. We didn't take the fastest route but it sure was pretty. We got to George's in time for a good supper of pulled porbarbecue and homemade key lime pie. Mmmmmm...Then to bed to sleep deeply. After less than 8 hours sleep over the past two nights, I was ready to snore, I can tell you. Conferences are like that, though--I never want to miss anything, preferring to miss sleep instead.

Monday we were up early to go to granddaughter Kate's high school graduation party, which was held at Hidden Brook winery, owned by friends of Kate's family. It was a warm and wonderful gathering with music by Kate's sister Cassidy and her producer Todd Wright. Cassidy will have a CD out in the next few weeks! I will definitely post more about that as I know more.

We came home Monday night, leaving Haley to drive to my sister Judy's to work at the Hidden Trail Stables at Lost River State Park. It's something to see these kids growing up and finding their own directions.

This morning I was up at 4:30am with Larry and Tommy. They left for Dallas this morning: Tommy will drop Larry off at the airport to fly home tomorrow, and Tommy will continue on to Abilene to pick up a friend and then drive to his final destination, San Diego. He's been accepted to grad school there and plans to find a job too. This ol' granny sees some flying in her future.

After seeing them off, I went back to bed! Sleep was so good. I did some grocery shopping and cleaning, basically a low-key day. Then this evening I did a volunteer performance for the Mountaineer Spinal Bifida Camp which was being held at the same place as the Writers Conference was. A storm blew in just as I was ready to start. We moved to the old covered bridge at the park and I told stories there while the rain pelted the tin roof and the thunder and lightning rolled. Picture 26 young adults in wheelchairs, their caregivers and me all huddled together and the stories keeping us all unaware of the storm. It was a great evening.

Tonight I'm packing eBay and catching up on online things. I will post some photos tomorrow, I promise. For now, it's back to eBay and bubblewrap!

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Nance said...

I love Thunderstorms . . . and stories . . . and wish I had been under that covered bridge listening and learning. . .

Rowan said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! Glad I wasn't with you during the thunderstorm - I'm fine with thunder but lightning terrifies me, it got too close to comfort once and has scared me ever since>

Granny Sue said...

Nance, I love storms too. Competing with the music of rain on tin was a challenge but it was a magical evening. Loved these guys. To see the wheelchairs rolling, all the positive energy and laughing faces...I was grateful to have been with them. Tonight is their prom.They'll dress up and have a gala night. Can't you just see it?

Granny Sue said...

Rowan, I just took a 2-hour nap! I.Never.Nap. So that tells you, this ol' lady is tired. But a good tired and completely worth it.

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