Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Thursday: Pyrex and Fire-King

Pyrex and fire-king are a popular collectibles these days. I had many pieces given to me as wedding gifts in 1968, and I sure wish I had some of those now because they are sought after by many collectors. I've been lucky to find a few pieces recently, though:

This is a signed "Fred Press" casserole and stand. It originally had a lid that added a lot to its retro look. Finding the signature was a challenge as it was quite small and blended into the design.

I like the design on this bowl. Called "Friendship," it is one of the Amish patterns produced mid-century.

Really retro stackable mugs in red-orange. I believe this might have been called Flame, but I'm not sure about that. I had a set of cast iron and enamel cookware in this color once, and that was the name it was given. I loved those pots. I had them for years, until the enamel was so bad I worried about glass chips in the food I cooked in them. I would like to have another set. Back in 1969 when I bought them they cost $19.99. I don't think I could buy even one pot for that price today.

Sweet covered casserole is one of those stove-to-table items that were so popular in the 50's-70's. I have a couple of these already, so this one will be sold.

Pyrex cups and saucers in the blue cornflower pattern. There are quite a few very pretty flower patterns; I find odd pieces and try to match them up. Sometimes they get stored in different places, though, and I can't remember where I put the matching pieces!

Although it doesn't show well in this photo, this bowl is actually two-tone blue, with a lighter band around the middle. Tabbed handles make it easy to carry.

This pattern is called Blue Heaven for some reason; I'm sure the dish once had a lid. I also buy lids and try to match them up to complete a set, and have had some success but often the lid is just not quite the right size. Ah me.

Called Nature's Bounty, this is another of the milk glass casseroles that went from oven to table.

And the classic Fire-King coffee mug, with the D handle. How many cups of coffee have you drank from a mug like this one?

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  1. My favorite one is the 2nd one. Very pretty!

  2. I just love vintage dishes like these and I use mine every day. Did you know that new bakeware cannot withstand even temps over 400 safely because they changed the formula for the glass? It's been a few yrs since I read about it so I can't remember what they took out. Do a search on exploding Pyrex if you want to know more. Because of that, I always look for older pieces if I need to replace a broken piece from my kitchen.

    I also wanted to share a tip for trying to find matching lids. Try making a master list of the bowls that need lids & write their circumference on the list. Also, measure the distance from the tip of your index finger to the bottom of your palm - mine is 6 1/2 inches. Memorize that # & you always have a ruler with you.

    Now when you find lids, look at the measurements on your master list & use your 'ruler' to help you gauge the size. It doesn't work every time but it helps eliminate things you're unsure about.

    If you need something larger like a piece of furniture, memorize the length of your arm from the tip of your finger to your elbow & use that. If you can't remember it then write the measurements on your master list. I have a friend who does a lot of thrift shopping & she taught me to carry a master list. My mom taught me measure my arm. Fun tips!

  3. I have several pieces of Fire King myself, and am always on the look out for more. Love that first casserole dish.

  4. my reach from mouth to tip of index finger is 36". 3 feet. 1 yard. It sure comes in handy at the "remnants" table. and your thumb? bend it at the first joint? that is one inch.

  5. Like you I had lots of pyrex as wedding gifts - in 1972 in my case. I still have one or two pieces left that occasionally get used. Must admit I've never thought of it as collectable though:)


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