Sunday, July 22, 2012

Booth Update

As I mentioned before, I expanded my booth at the Riverbend Antique Mall recently. Here are a few photos of the changes. I worked on it again today so some things have already changed since yesterday.

 As you can see, it feels a lot more spacious.

 Somehow a lot of yellow seemed to come my way lately.

I think my favorite thing on this table is the green breadbox. It might have to come home with me.

I love the way this unit turned out. I had two different lamps on top but they sold in a day or two so these two are stand-ins until I get two more ready. 

I like this one too. Boy if only my shelves at home were so organized! 

 The cobalt pieces add some spark here. There were some pretty cobalt-rimmed plates on the shelves but they sold. Which is a good thing, right?

 Enough for tonight! I will post more later this week, and also some of my new booth in a different mall.

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Jackie said...

You definitely have a knack for display!!

Jackie in VA

Chicken Wrangler said...

Nice displays! I like the picture hanging on the wall - can't quite tell if it is a barn and a road, or what, but it looks like maybe an old oil painting? Neat.

Amy said...

I just recently became aware of the Wheeling Decorating Company. Do you find a lot from this company?

Nance said...

Very nice! probably a very good thing that I am here and you are "there"! The first item I picked out was "your" green breadbox . . . and also the picture that Chicken Wrangler commented on. I tried to enlarge your photo to see that painting better. Great job! You work circles around me, girl!

Granny Sue said...

Thanks Jackie! I love doing the displays--it's like going back to playing house :)

Granny Sue said...

Chicken Wrangler, and Nance, the painting is of a covered bridge. It's done by someone local, in the category of folk art, I'd say. I like its simple appeal.

Granny Sue said...

I don't think I have anything from Wheeling Decorating, Amy. If I'm thinking right, their items are usually gold-encrusted or gold-trimmed, right? I did recently find a piece from Riverside Glass, a company that used to be in Wellsburg. This piece was made around 1880 and it is missing its lid and has a few chips but it has such history to it that I couldn't pass it up--and it was only $1.

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