Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finally, Pics of Booth #2, or is it #3?

Okay, here at last are the promised photos of my new booth in Marietta, Ohio. I've been meaning to take them for the past three weeks and today I actually remembered. This is actually two spaces, adjacent but not joined--they're separated by a walkway. The building is old, at least turn of the last century, and was a wholesale food warehouse. It has high ceilings, brick walls, and lots of industrial features.

This is area #1, the one I rented first. It's small, about 3 or 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. I've tried to pack it as full as possible and it's a challenge to find space for everything. I used shelving and some slatwall hooks to maximize the space, but I think I can do better with it as I go along. Lots of smaller items here, with a few larger pieces.

 Below is area 2, the second area I rented. It too is less than ideal--see that big door at the back? That has to be kept clear because it opens to electrical panels, a stairway and other stuff. That makes it awkward to arrange this space, but it does lend itself to bigger pieces. We had to hang the grain cradle and scythe high up because of their sharp blades; we'll be hanging more things from the giant wood rafters as soon as we get time and remember to buy some hooks. That will help make better use of the vertical space available. I brought in my own rug to soften the look of the area a bit.

 This large cabinet offers tremendous display space; we picked it up at an auction for little cost.

 I'm not sure why this looks so blurry--maybe I forgot the flash.
 Oops! Ignore my coffee and water cups! I was tired and in a hurry when I took these photos.
 I tried to stock with a wide variety of rustic, retro, useful and decorative items.
It seems to be working so far.

 I think we can do better here with a better display piece. 
I used what we had on hand and it's okay, but there is a lot of vertical space unused here.

 This is in the first area again. The hanging shelves were already there which certainly was nice.

 That little green cornucopia (by Akro Agate) is a mystery. Twice now I have come to this booth to find it elsewhere. First time it was in the second area; today it was on the floor in the second area. It can't get there by itself! Very odd.
 Looking in from the side of the second area. It's a little dark back in this corner, but not too bad and it is one of the coolest places temperature-wise in the whole building. It gets lots of traffic!

That's the quick tour. I'll try to remember to post photos of the building's exterior and the surrounding streets--it's a really neat area. So far this booth has done very well, almost double the sales of our first booth and for almost half the rent. That's something to think about. We stocked it up well today, and I won't be going back for a couple weeks because it's an hour away and gas costs are a consideration. But I am happy so far with how this new venture has gone.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thanks for the peek, you know I was curious. The temperature on the coast in the last couple of weeks has slowed down shoppers in the mall I have booths - they enter the building and the heat inside just wears them out and they leave without buying. Sales are picking up a bit now as the summer winds down, usually July and August are gangbusters, but not this year. I like your space, you've used it well and adding your own area rug to define the space does make a difference. Hope you post about your booths sometime in the future.

Rowan said...

Glad that your new booths are doing well - I love the scythe and the grain cradle. Rural bygones are something that really appeal to me.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oooo, yummy! STUFF! :)

Love, love that you are doing this!

Would love to do it myself if I had the time to devote. My passion for *junque* often gets the better of me. I dream of that wee shop with faerie music, tea and thrift.......or wonders sold from the back of a gypsy vardo..... *sigh*

Have a wonderful and STUFF filled day!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the peek at your items. Looks like you have some great stuff!

Granny Sue said...

Joy, the summer weather has had an effect here too--the big storm in June cost money for a lot of people. Money they might have spent shopping went to repairs, generators, ice, etc. The high temps have kept people home more too. I've heard this from a lot of sources. Yesterday seemed to be a back-to-normal day, with lots of people out and about. Are they buying, though? Time will tell.

Granny Sue said...

Mimi, it's work but not too bad. I prefer this to being tied down to a shop myself :) But sometimes I do think about it...

It's fun, Michelle, especially when people stop to talk about the things they're looking at, or I find something that I know someone will want. That's the best part.

Granny Sue said...

I like the old tools too, Rowan. We still have a scythe and a grain cradle--why did we have two? I have no idea! So it's good to have a place to pass on the extras we seem to have accumulated over the years.

Nance said...

I am enamored with the old wooden tools -- wooden handles worn smooth from 2 or 3 generations' hands. Oh no, Sue, I don't have a wooden scythe or grain cradle - hope that doesnt become an obscession with me :(

that is an interesting story about green cornucopia moving around while you are gone. hhmmm. wonder what is the story with that?

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

All rather reminiscent of what your grandmother created around her armchair in her later years as she contrived to have everything she might possibly want within arms reach - and she was not blessed with long arms.

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