Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Booth Photos

It was a busy day today--lots of work done at home and then we traveled to Marietta to restock my booth at the Antique Mall of Marietta. Tonight I'm continuing to list items on eBay because it's free listing until the end of the month so you know I'm taking advantage of that. I wanted to share a few more pictures from my Riverbend Mall booth with you, and a few of the changes I made there. Tomorrow I will post a few from my Marietta booth--but I have still not remembered to take pictures of the cool old building where this mall is located. Next time, I promise.

I learned from Joy at A Vintage Green that it's a good idea to display things in a way that people might be able to see doing something similar at their own home, so this vignette will, I hope, suggest to someone that it might look nice on their dressing table.

Fenton: I've added several pieces of Fenton to my booth; although I must confess that it's not a favorite of mine, I know that many people do collect it. I think it's beautiful but I like useful things and many Fenton items are decorative, for the most part. The amethyst vase front left is not Fenton but the other pieces are.

 I put together this glass drinks tray from two sets of glassware. I think it's pretty like this, but maybe I'm the only one who likes the mismatched glassware? I have several glass handled trays like this one; I believe they are from the 1940's and made by Hazel Atlas.

The pitcher and bowl set that was on the washstand sold so I re-did it with other dressing table items. I like the Napco lady's head and that blue tidbit tray. I
have searched online and in my books but have not found one quite like it. After much trial and error, I've decided to put jewelry pieces on index cards. Many pieces can be pinned on, making them fairly secure. Small pieces are a problem to display; if they are locked in a case most people don't bother to ask to see them but if left out they can "walk." The cards have a little size to them and might not be so tempting.

 I re-did this area Saturday. I used to have a table here but it was really not using the space wisely and it blocked a lot of the pegboard. I put all tools on the left and the kitchen-type items on the right. I like this a lot better although it could still use some work.

There are other items on the floor, and a large basket full of baskets for the adventurous to dig through. I might re-visit the floor area and find a better way to use that space but for now it's okay.

I added another short shelf and a rack for hanging linens too. This freed up some shelf space and allowed a better display for the linens.

I ended up taking a box full of things home with me but I had other plans for those items--most of them made the trip to Marietta today to be added to my booth there. That's one advantage to having two places--if something doesn't sell at one, it might sell at the other.

That's today's quick tour. Come back tomorrow to see a few more.

 I will be linking to these friends this week: Colorado Lady, Apron Thrift Girl, Her Library Adventures, From my Front Porch to Yours and A Coastal Charm. Check them out to see lots of great vintage items!

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Grandma Susan said...

Granny Sue, the next time you are in the Parkersburg area, you must stop in the new Parkersburg Antique Mall on Emerson Avenue in North Parkersburg. It has only been open for about 2 months and I think you will agree that it is great. There is a good variety of antiques and collectibles! BTW I am a grandma also with the first name Susan and have a booth in that mall!

Granny Sue said...

Susan, I have been there several times! It's a great mall--nice location, well laid out and friendly staff. All good stuff. I've been a buyer there too :) I asked about a booth there before renting at Marietta but they were full and had a waiting list. I asked to be added to the list, so maybe we'll be neighbors!

JJM said...

" ... maybe I'm the only one who likes the mismatched glassware?"

Not hardly. Although some of my dishes and glasses still match (they came as part of a set), I now deliberately buy individual pieces, mass-produced or individually crafted, because I like their appearance. Almost nothing I get now even remotely matches, save when I buy from a craftsperson who repeats the same general design.

There was once a restaurant in Baltimore, Mamie's. (It lost its location and moved out to Aberdeen.) There, too, nothing matched -- the dishes, the silverware, the glasses, the chairs, the tables ... nothing, far as I was ever able to tell. Part of the charm of the place, in addition to good, plain, "home" cooking -- and a chef whom you could sometimes having temper tantrums in the kitchen.


Nance said...

I like mismatched set too. I think it reminds me of dinners at my grandmother's when I was a small child. She and Grampa moved often and had rasied 5 boys (and 2 girls) that she hardly had two things alike. But the atmosphere was warm and friendly and the aunts and uncles teased and laughed. Those memories all melded together, I guess and bring comfort. I sure enjoy browsing thru your collections :)

Granny Sue said...

I would have loved that restaurant, Mario. There was one here briefly--it was my favorite place in town. I was sad to see it close down. The new owners kept some of the decor, but then they sold and moved to a new location. I haven't been in since.

Granny Sue said...

You know, Nance, fowhen I first started using mismatched dinner plates and I think it concerned my sons and grandchildren that I couldn't afford better dishes! It took a while for them to get used to the idea :)

Grandma Susan said...

I will be sure to check out your booths both at Marietta and Riverbend!

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