Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Marietta Booth

Can you say retro kitchen? All of these chrome mid-century appliances actually work, even the 12-speed mixer. The toaster puts my more modern one to shame.
 I did manage to put together a blue shelf here--with a little green and brown thrown in for good measure.

 This shelf looks a little messy. Next trip, figure out a better way to display these things.

 The little red wagon is earning it's keep by being a display vehicle for other items. I have to admit I played with the jack-in-the-box a good bit before finally putting it in my booth.

 This is the "manly" shelf: it houses a tobacco jar, shaving mirror, shaving mug (with soap) and brush, a brass razor, hand hair clippers, a pipe rack and some advertising matches along with a bar of witch hazel soap.

 The book corner. I like those acorn bookends, don't you? I want to bring some cookbooks to this booth because other dealers tell me they sell well. It's time to thin my collection anyway.
 Linens and odds and ends best describe this area that I feel is still a work in progress.

 I think of this as the pantry shelf. Lots of kitchen things with a few pretties mixed in. The little trunk is full of linens.
 A look down one shelf. Soup cups, crinoline plates, some poppy juice glasses, English tins, a spice rack, cookie jars and some's a fun shelf to browse.

I love this little green sugar and creamer. It's not Fiesta although it looks a little like it. It's lighter weight and just so perky.

 The tops shelf has granite and blue. I had a brainstorm and used a long pegboard hook to hold an assortment of kitchen tools. It seems to work well; several items were sold from this hook in the last week.

That's the quick look. As you can see, this booth tends more towards kitchen and mid-century while my Ravenswood booth has more glassware. So far this one is outselling my first booth 2 to 1. But it's new and new booths tend to sell quickly in the first few weeks so I'll wait and see if that trend continues. Rent is less here, as is the commission on sales. But I have to drive 50 miles to get to it, so the gas mileage is a factor to consider. I'll have photos of the building this booth is in, and of the downtown area of Marietta next week, I hope.

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Rowan said...

Is that a Fisher Price jack-in-a-box? My children had one of those when they were little. Nice green glass bowl on one of the shelves - and books would always attract me to a booth:)

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