Friday, September 7, 2012

Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival

This is where I'll be tonight!

 In downtown Chillicothe Ohio, at the Majestic Theater, telling ghost stories with several other fine tellers

on this stage. If you can't come, find a dark, cozy place tonight and tell a ghost story of you own.

There will be lots of stories, today and tomorrow, at the Pump House in Chillicothe. Some of the best tellers in the US will be there. What an opportunity to hear great performances in a lovely setting. I hope to see some of you there.

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Jai Joshi said...

Sue, this looks like so much fun. Wish I could join you.


Nance said...

well, you are there and I'm here, stuck in southern Iowa wishing I was there! lol Hope you had a great turn out. Know you enjoyed yourself no matter what because that is what you do. Wonder if you and the other artists are staying up late, burning the midnight oil, learning all all you can about the others and sharing stories and experiences. Enjoy!

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