Saturday, November 10, 2012


This week I've started a new regime, a schedule to organize my time better when I am at home. Although I always manage to accomplish many things during a day, some important things were not making the list. So this week I decided to change how I work--and so far, it's working.

I have had a goal to write a book of ghost stories for years but I keep pushing it back as other interests demanded my attention. Now it's time for writing to move front and center. I have completed three stories this week; my goal is to write one a day, or to work on a story for at least one hour every day. I am excited and motivated to be getting this project moving. When it is finished I'll be looking for a publisher. My next writing goal when this one is complete is to compile the best of my poetry into a book and seek a publisher. These two projects will keep me busy for the next six months, at least. But it is time to move forward on them.

The other thing that wasn't getting done was exercise. I move around plenty most days but as we all know that's not the same as routine exercise. I've started with some stretching exercises in the mornings and then walking up to the mail box--and I do mean up! If you've seen my road you know it's a climb up that hill. It's not far, about 1/4 mile up and then back, but I still have to stop and get my breath twice on the way. I will be happy when I can make that walk without needing to stop and blow! It's not a huge start, but it's a start--and one I can program in at specific times of the day, which seems to be how I work best.

A note to West Virginia readers: if you have a ghost story you'd like me to consider for inclusion, I would be delighted to read it. Please email me at, or find me on Facebook.

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storytellermary said...

Good plan! So often important things get nudged aside by the immediate. Breaking the large task down into daily doses helps. I put together the little books of my dad's stories by typing one a night into my word processing program, sort of a bedtime story for myself. ** and I just reminded myself that Chuck Larkin helped me get the first ones into order for printing, bless his dear soul!
You might like tai chi for gentle but effective exercise. We have a class at the Y, but there are also DVDs at my library, and some are quite good. One produced by the Arthritis Foundation is especially clear. Found a link (bless Karen for Google training)

Jenny said...

I work much better with a schedule or at the very least a list of things I need to do by day/week or month.

I've been trying to do the weight training exercises in 'Strong Women Stay Young'. A friend of mine who turned 70 this year & ran her first 5k recommended it to me. She's been using them for over 20 yrs. They are very easy for any age to do at home & take very little time....if I would just be faithful to do them! You should check your library for the book. I bought my used copy for $1

I look forward to your book of poetry - I don't think I've ever seen any of your poems.

Nance said...

Good for you Sue! I'm glad to hear you have started stretching and walking. I stretch 5 mornings a week with a Public TV exercise show. I need to be walking too. Jenny, I'm going to check into the "strong woman" program. Thanks!

Rowan said...

I've always worked to a routine though it's much less rigid now DH is retired. I'm just that kind of person:) Exercise is so important and doesn't have to involve going to the gym or doing exercise programmes. I walk at least 2 or 3 miles every morning with my dog and as it's moorland it involves some quite steep climbs.Consequently I'm still pretty fit.

Sue said...

Sounds like you are doing some great things. I am trying to get myself to submit a bunch of Christmas stories I have, but I need to edit them down a bit from their original form so keep putting it off...

Maybe I will follow your example and get myself going!


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