Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Variety: The Spice

We've had some motley days recently. When I think I have set a routine, well, life intervenes. I'm not complaining! I admit, I love to have multiple tasks going on at the same time. I thrive on multitasking and get bored easily when I must focus completely on one thing. Today is a good example of the kind of day I most enjoy.

We started out simply enough. Eggs, grits and toast with tea and coffee. Some quiet time to read. Then Larry moved outside to clean windows (I know, it's late in the season for this chore, but it needed to be done and we didn't get to it earlier). Then he cleaned out his truck (the angels are singing, I'm sure of it!), mixed mortar and went out to the local church to repair some stonework before coming back to continue chinking the new cabin room. When he finished that, he started stringing up Christmas lights. And when that was done it was almost dark so he came inside to light the fireplace and settle in with his book, Volume 2 of Lee's Leautenants.

As for me, after my tea I checked email, eBay and Facebook for messages. Then I started cleaning house. Next I readied about 60 mailings to schools and chatted with the mailman when he came with a package. After that I dug into sorting and pricing items and re-packing them in readiness for expanding our Marietta booth next week. Ispent a little time chatting online with a couple of my sisters who will be coming this weekend to make fruitccakes. This weekend! I need to do more cleaning. And cooking. And...never mind, my sisters will be happy just to be here.

In between the above, I processed cider. We had to take cider out of the freezer to make room for three deer. The venison is ground or cut up and packaged nicely in plastic bags but the new-to-us freezer was already full. So the cider goes into jars, which I actually prefer to freezing because it's easier to use. I finished out the evening by sitting by the fire with Larry and watching one of the oddest movies/musicals I've ever seen, called Across the Universe. Very strange, but good music and a story line that, with a few exceptions, kept us engaged.

Larry crashed early; I stayed up to research some glassware and catch up with online messages. Now it's time for the day to end for me too, so I will bid you all good night, and hope that your days are as varied and satisfiying as mine has been.

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Mamabug said...

I don't know how you do it; you're one busy girl! Sounds like a lot got done. Can't wait to see the new log room!

JJM said...

I swear I feel exhausted just reading everything you and Larry manage to get done in a day ...

And I agree, Across the Universe is a strange film, especially that odd sequence with the circus of Dr Kite (played by comedian Eddie Izzard). All based on Beatles tunes, so you know the music is going to be solid.

--Mario R.

Sue said...

Whew! Talk about a productive day. You really know how to get things done around there!!

Have fun with your sisters...


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