Saturday, November 24, 2012

Booth Update

We worked on booths again yesterday. First was a stop at Marietta to check on a new space. I will be moving into it the beginning of December and giving up the showcase. I think this new area will work well for me. Of course, now I have to find some more furniture to fill it and to use for display.

At Ravenswood, we sold a china cabinet and a small wood table last week, and that meant I needed to move in some more furniture. That's what we did yesterday. Both booths are doing well and it's kept me busy keeping them stocked.

I haven't posted photos of Ravenswood lately, so here's a quick few:

I've had this treadle machine for years, but mostly used it as an end table. Then it got moved out when I got something else, then moved again, until there really wasn't any room for it. When I bought it in 1977 it worked but now the belt is missing. Still, the wood drawers and iron base are in nice shape and the machine itself is so cool-looking. I hope it finds a good home.

We found this cabinet just yesterday and took it directly to the booth. Someone tried to "update" it with a woodgrain finish and new handles--which of course ruined its vintage look. But a little paint and replacement handles would restore it instantly to its former look. These cabinets are so great for storage that it makes me wonder why people ever quit using them. You can't rearrange built-in cabines so a kitchen looks the same for years. With old cabinets, you can move them or paint them and have a whole new look. The black tole-painted cake plate on top is a recent find too.

This chair used to be white, and on my son's porch with a flower pot in it. I painted it black and used it in the house with a seat on it, but it's neat to use as a planter chair. The little round table and tea set were both recent finds. The tea set is actually trimmed in blue but that doesn't show in the photo for some reason. The chair is only $5, so it's a bargain display piece.

Pardon the tilt! I was taking photos in a hurry as the mall was closing. This is one of the tables of ruby glass. I mixed a little green and silver in for some holiday sparkle.

A quick wide-angle look into the booth. I need more ornaments for my tree as the ones that were on it are mostly sold. A good problem to have!

That's a quick tour of some recent changes. I forgot (again) to take new photos in Marietta but I will be back up there later in the week and will post some then.

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Michelle said...

You have a nice looking booth with some great items.

Nance said...

wish I was closer! I'd be there!

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