Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Memories

This was one of those Christmases that moved leisurely--no rush, no bustle of many visitors, no chaos. No snow either, just gray and cloudy and threatening rain that did eventually arrive. But it was a good day, full of the small pleasures of the season, like smiling grandchildren around the table.

Our morning started with our usual tea and coffee, this time in the log room by the fire. We opened our gifts from each other, then got dressed and started cooking. Larry made breakfast--eggs and sausage and grits and toast, a good country breakfast for a good start to the day.

I put the turkey in the oven around eleven, planning for a 2:30 dinner time. I learned how to make a fool-proof turkey from, of all people, my husband. This is what he taught me: clean the bird and place on a rack in a roasting pan. Add about a quart of water to the pan, and add 4 bay leaves, a cup up onion and the giblets. Cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil and roast for the recommended time per pound. I remove the foil about an hour before the bird is due to come out of the oven so that it turns a lovely brown. I don't make stuffing because we don't need the calories and it lenghtens cooking time--by the time the stuffing is done, the bird may be overcooked and dry. The turkey comes out perfect, moist and full of flavor every time, and it's so easy.

Derek and his family came over and the girls helped me get dinner on the table. I love the kids at this age. Teens are amazing to talk to and they are great helpers too. 

Before dinner we had my "famous" eggnog (famous in this family only), a cheese ball and crackers and a tray of raw veggies and pickles. I used the vintage punch bowl I found on eBay recently. I'm not really into amethyst glass but I think this set is just elegant. It was made by Hazel Atlas in the 40's. I will probably sell this set later on but it certainly added an elegance to my eggnog.

Our dinner was the turkey along with wild rice, mushroom gravy, mixed garden vegetables, cheesy broccoli, rolls, cranberry sauce in pear halves on a bed of lettuce, cider, apple and pumpkin pies. Good coffee rounded out the day's feasting.

After dinner was quiet time. Larry cleaned up the kitchen with help from the kids (blessings on all of them!) then watched a movie while some of us worked a jigsaw puzzle, read or napped.

In the evening after our company left, what did I do? Stayed up until midnight to finish the puzzle, of course. I cannot seem to learn to just do a little at a time on them!

That was our day. How was yours?

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