Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sisters and Fruitcakes Are Not the Same Thing

I cannot believe I've let so much time go by without posting here. The truth is the days have been nonstop full of all sorts of good things. Here's a quick rundown:

Last week I worked on getting ready for my sisters to visit. That sounds simple but it's a little more complicated than it might seem. You see, my house has one bedroom and five sisters were coming. So how to house everyone? We do have a single and a double hide-a-bed sofas, so that accounted for three. I could put two in my room and that took care of everyone, but where would Larry and I sleep? The problem was solved fairly simply--he spent the nights at our son's house, and I bought a camping cot with a nice little mattress on it, and slept here in my office. It all worked out just fine. Whew.

It's funny. Over the years this house has been full of my sons and their families many times. We throw down air mattresses or sleeping bags, the kids pile onto them and we're all set. But my sisters were a different story. We're all getting a little too "mature" for  air mattresses and definitely past the sleeping bag age. Beds are not a luxury anymore, they're pretty much a necessity. I cannot wait for this new room to be finished so that we will actually have room to house guests in a comfortable space. Patience is not a virtue I am familiar with, but I know that I have to have it since the room progresses as we get the funds to more ahead. I take comfort in knowing that is is almost to the point that the grandkids can camp out in there.

We had a wonderful time together, my sisters and me. Only five of the seven could come, but we made enough noise for an army. We laughed, talked and laughed some more. We cooked, we ate, we visited. Our Aunt Georgette came to make fruitcakes with us and that was a real pleasure.

We can make a mess when we get to baking:

 But we usually don't care since it's so much fun:

There are a lot of cooks, but in this case they don't spoil the cakes:


And of course we need someone to take pictures:

and help mix:

and just help with anything we ask (granddaughter Haley was with us for a while):

 And our lovely aunt put up with all the commotion and was still smiling at then end of the day:

even though I think she really wanted to escape!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Such a wonderful time, I smiled and smiled through your entire post. Thank you for such a great sharing.

Brighid said...

You are very blessed... such fun to see all those busy...smiling faces... Thanks for sharing!


Ah, fruitcakes. Love them more than most. Hope to make at least one before the big day. Husband and I are about the only ones that like them in our family.
How fun to get together with your sisters and Aunt. you all are truly blessed.
Keep sharing your wonderful stories.

Anonymous said...

We are blessed! Being able to spend time with my sisters is precious and very good for my stomach muscles since most of the time we are laughing! Thank you Sue for all the preparation, it was a wonderful weekend and a memory I will treasure. tm

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