Monday, January 21, 2013

Country Things: Winter To Do List

The weather turned cold last night
and colder air is coming
Check the light in the cellar
stock wood for the fireplace
put gas in the tractor and put on the blade
add bedding for the hens
bring the dogs in by the fire
let the cats curl on the couch
add extra quilts to the bed
turn the water on
just a trickle
fill a few jugs with standby water
fill the kerosene lamps
stack waiting books by the rocker
Settle in for winter

Photo from January 2010

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  1. I live the view but I hate the snow and even more so the cold. I love your list though. We are planning to hunker down and wait 'til April!

  2. Oh we got hit with the winds and cold last night...Saturday we were 50 degrees or higher and then the cold blast came.. We hunkered down to.. Put up a store bought quilt behind the curtains were the sliding glass doors are... Helps so much saving the heat..We made sure we had candles and flash lights ready.. Powered up our cell phones since we got rid of the land line phone... Powered up the lap top to..

    Just before winter arrives we winterize the house were chalking needs to be done and hoses put away and chair cushions put away...

    Thank you for commenting the other day...

  3. hope you don't need or use all those winter precautions! I supposed I was the only one left you had to leave the water on a trinkle to avoid freezing pipes. It has definitely turned off cold here in Southern Iowa . . . I may have to put some socks on my feet! Stay warm!

  4. All sounds really good to me! I would add check supply of tea for hot tea, do some baking & have soup/stew simmering on the stove. You it's really all about the food! :o)

  5. Sounds like an excellent list to me though I'd add in a basket of knitting and cross-stitch stuff as well. I love winter snow days when you can't get out and all you can do is sit back and enjoy it.

  6. Got plenty of tea, Jenny--I buy it online in 5 pound bags (Earl Grey) and make teabags of my peppermint so we're stocked. I wish I did needlework, Rowan, but don't seem to have the patience. My mother would knit contentedly for hours and made such pretty baby things.

  7. Sounds cozy!
    After having everything ready I'd sit by a fire or curl up on the couch and work away on some needlework, knitting or reading.

  8. Sounds like you are settling in for a long winter's nap. Cozy!



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