Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fed From the Blade

Excellent reviews are coming in on Amazon for the new anthology from Woodland Press, Fed from the Blade. The book features stories selected from the work of WV Writers, Inc. members. It's a great read.

I was honored to have my poem, Sago, selected from the many submissions for this book. The title, selected from a line in a poem by Sherrell Wigal, speaks perfectly to the works included between these covers. Haunting, sharp, witty, sometimes disturbing and often thoughtful are the words that best describe the stories and poems by writers who know about life in these hills.

Cat Pleska, author, professor and past President of West Virginia Writers, Inc., selected the works included from a large number of submissions. Her selections and the careful arrangement of the book so that each story or poem seems to lead naturally to the next, created a highly readable and memorable volume that accurately portrays the talent and imagination of our Mountain State writers. From the hit-and-run driver in Christmas Cards to Garbargeman Stan stories to the fine poetry of Barbara Smith, Llewelyn McKernan and Wigal.

Get ready for some good reading and stories that will stay with you long after the book is back on the shelf. Available on Amazon, from Woodland Press and of course from me. Contact me by email at if you'd like a copy for $14.95 and free shipping.

And if your book group, library class or school is interested in having me (and/or some of the other authors in the anthology) visit, please do get in touch!

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Steve Ferendo said...

Congratulations on having a poem selected. Sounds like a book to look forward to...

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