Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moving Day, or Something Like That

Would you believe I still have not sorted our auction finds? We got home late Thursday evening so the truck was not unloaded until Friday. We had one piece of furniture we needed to move to our Ravenswood booth, so we cleaned it up, loaded it and took it over. This is a photo of it: a tiger oak dresser with triple serpentine front, brass pulls and carved mirror.
 Of course, getting it in the booth meant rearranging to make room for it and by the time we finished it was late afternoon. We had also recently acquired two oak secretaries (tall drop-front desks with shelves and glass doors) and we needed to get one of those situated in the booth as well  We got it all done, though, and headed to the  grocery store and  then home to get ready for our weekend visitors. So we hustled through the store, came home and I baked a cake and made chili. Our company arrived soon after the chili was done and we visited until late that night.

Saturday found us up and cooking a big country breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits, toast, cider, coffee and tea. We all got on the road then for a moving day—furniture moving, that is. We’d bought a china cabinet last week that we’d been working on to get ready to sell, and we were storing it at our son’s house. So with oldest son and family along, we stopped over to son #3’s house, picked up him and the cabinet and drove to our Ravenswood booth. There we had some rearranging to do—again—to get the new cabinet in place.

Granddaughter Grace helped me arrange china in it while the guys moved the second  secretary we’d acquired out of the back of the store and into the truck—no simple job because it was really    h-e-a-v-y. Everyone browsed a bit before we left. One son found a cornbread pan, my daughter-in-law found a little basket she liked and I bought a gorgeous hand-crocheted tablecloth before we left for our next destination, the Marietta antiques booth.

Before we leave Ravenswood, though, here's a peek at another new piece at that booth. It's a solid oak secretary, old and ornate and lovely.

Once in Marietta, we again had to make space, and this time it meant removing a bookcase full of glass to make way for the secretary.

That took some time as I shifted items to new locations or packed them in a tote to be taken home. And of course, everyone took a little time to browse. My daughter-in-law was thrilled to find two tall chairs to match the ones in her kitchen—one of her had been broken and she had not been able to match them anywhere. But here were the matching stools, and at a good price.

We left after the booth was back in order and headed for The Pizza Place, just up the street—which is located beside another antiques mall. Son #3 and I went in to look around—he was looking for an oak corner cabinet and found just what he wanted. A little bargaining and it was his, and so was the beautiful triple-mirror vanity he found at ½ price for his youngest daughter’s room. We went back to join the rest for pizza, then while Larry helped move the cabinet the rest of us browsed the mall and then found an art gallery next door. There a large original oil painting caught all of our attention. It was an abstract piece in shades of green, teal and yellow with traces of red and purple, and it invited serenity and peace just by its design. After some discussion, the art went out of the store with us, headed to my oldest son’s home.

It had been a very satisfying day—goals accomplished,   lots of visiting and talking, fun browsing, excellent pizza, and then home to the fire, some munchies and a cheese tray and more visiting. This morning we were back in the kitchen cooking another huge breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits, scrambled eggs, ham, and fried apples. We’ll all be on a diet for a week to recover from that, but it was all delicious, especially washed down with our own cider-grape juice mix and good coffee.


Now everyone is gone, even Larry who has gone to help move the vanity. The house is very quiet, but it still rings with the memory of a good time and loved voices. This is the last of our Christmas visitors, and now I suppose I should be taking down the decorations and “breaking up Christmas”—or maybe that is what we did last night with our laughter and good times. I hate to put away the shiny balls and lights, but it is time. The days are noticeably longer, the seed catalogs beckon with promising photos, and it’s time to move forward into this new year with new plans and new beginnings. But for the rest of today, I think I’ll just rest. There’s time for that too.



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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a lovely family time.

Rowan said...

You've had a busy weekend but achieved a lot too which is always good. Spending time with friends and family is always more important than sorting through auction finds, I'm sure you'll get to that soon enough.

Sue said...

I admit to being slightly green with envy. This is one of my favorite things to do!


Granny Sue said...

Joy and Rowan, the best part was that my sons finally seemed to understand my interest in old things. They shopped, browsed, admired, and were just extremely helpful. That really made my day because up until now I think they weren't sure I was altogether sane :)

I wish you were closer, Sue--wouldn't we have fun!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a fabulous post - I felt like I was shopping and rearranging and eating right along with you - except I have no treasures to show for it - but love your memories.

I have been on the hunt for pink willow - sometimes called red willow - just like blue willow but in a pinky red. My husband got me four dessert dishes for christmas, and I have four platters (isn't that a strange thing to find four of in one shop?). I had a set of pink willow sometime back - and gave it to my son's mother-in-law one christmas. Now I am hunting for it again, it seems to be scarce out here and of course my miserly self looks for the best bargains LOL.

Thanks again for the look into your super fun day.

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