Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting the New Year Right

I have always heard that one should start the new year as they mean to continue. I like this idea. It motivates us to get moving, to change our routine, to do the things we meant to do but never allowed the time to start. It gives us an opportunity for a new beginning.

Today I thought about the things I want to do this year, and what I have not been doing that have been on my to-do list but never making the cut of what actually gets done. What I found is that the things that help me grow personally are being left in the dust of what-must-be-done. Writing has been taking a back seat. Stretching ditto. Time to enjoy the homely things (cooking, cleaning, mending, decorating), same way. I love to do these things, but I push them to the bottom of the list over and over as I strive to do those things that produce income or quick, tangible results.

I suppose I do some of these things routinely, but routine means the importance of the tasks, the simplicity and beauty of them, can be overlooked.

I started the year by joining our family and a few friends for our annual bonfire, burning our troubles and those of many other people in the flames. Cassidy and her boyfriend played and sang, we laughed and talked, and it was all good.

It was wee hours as Larry and I made our way home through some heavy snow. It was white-knuckle time, at least for me, but we made it home safely. Next morning I was up fairly early to start cooking: ham and biscuits in the oven, bacon on the stove. I watched the birds at the feeders, wrote a poem or two, talked with visiting grandchildren and on the phone with sons. I took care of some business too, packing eBay sales and preparing mailings for storytelling. Then I canned--I'd made a huge pot of chili and one of vegetable-venison soup for the bonfire crowd and there was a lot left, so into the canner it went for future use.

As I look back at New Year's Day I realize I touched on all the things I love to do, all the parts of my life. It was a good start to a new year.

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