Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Auction to the Booth

Few things go in a straight line from the sale to the antique mall. There is work to be done first--cleaning mostly, sometimes repair work, sometimes painting, sometimes even laundry and ironing. Right now we're in the middle of several projects that will make things ready to sell--or to provide space for selling. Expanding our booth at the Riverbend Antique Mall is all about making space.

I'm about 75% finished with it, but there will be more changes even after I'm finished as we sell things and add new item--and as I get bright ideas. I have a few pictures to share today, and will post more later this week. I didn't have time to take many today as I was there right up to closing time and still have more to do.

Remember the beautiful oak dresser we took to out booth about a month ago? It sold this weekend.So that meant even more hauling and moving and changing.

Larry's painting today, getting the sifter cabinet ready to sell. He's been sanding on it all week off and on. It's going to take two coats of paint; we decided to go with white and not use any color on it so that any prospective buyer can paint it however they like. I played with the idea of cream and seafoam green, those old retro colors but decided against it. We had to bring it inside to paint because it's just too cold in any of our outbuildings right now--night temps are in the teens, not good for new paint.

All in pieces now, but it should be back together later today, if all goes as planned.

Today I'm taking pieces of picket fence, a leaded glass window and a few other things over. I need to double-check and make sure everything is priced too, because it's easy to miss something.

More later!

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Looks like you are busy as always - Don loved the little baseball coin - I'll write more later.

Sue said...

What a creatively satisfying way to make money.

I love it.


Michelle said...

I love seeing your progress in the booths.

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