Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Opinions, Please? To Paint or Not to Paint

I need your wise opinions on three pieces that need...something. Or not. I plan to sell them so take that into consideration. Here's what I have:

First, there is this corner cupboard. It is painted a dark brown, probably an "antiqued" finish to make it look like wood. In a former life, it was apparently green because green paint is peeking out here and there. What do you think I should do with it? Options are paint it a different color, use a crackle finish on it, strip it back to natural wood (I think it's pine or poplar, hard to be sure but it's very light so probably not oak)? Or....any ideas? And if paint it the choice, what color? I read about an interesting way to do the crackle finish on this blog and I'd like to try it, although I'd want to try something small first to make sure I get it right.

Second is the little porcelain top kitchen table I posted photos of a couple weeks ago. After much debate and testing, we used gel stripper on it to get the paint off of the porcelain. It worked great. The base also had that fake-wood paint finish on them, so Larry has stripped them to this point:

Now, what to do? Give the base a light sanding and leave it with this chippy look (which I kinda like)?

Paint it back to the original, which seems to have been white legs and a pale green on the rest? Or finish stripping it down to the wood and stain it? I like that it still has the "Sellers" label on it--Sellers made kitchen cabinets like the Hoosier cabinets. The drawer is missing but I have a lead on one that might work. Or we'll make one.

Last is this doll cradle. I thought it would sell in my booth, but it's been there for months and no takers and the price is certainly right. Would a new coat of paint in a different color help? Or crackle finish? Strip it? or send it to the consignment auction and forget it?

The phone lines are open and waiting (figuratively speaking) for your comments now!

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wvsimplicity said...

Unsure about the corner cabinet and the doll cradle, but the table I would go with the original green color. I also have a Sellers table and chairs. It is not the original color and is all wood. I was not the one who painted it. I like your table with the porcelain top and the drawer so much better than mine.

lisa said...

Good morning... The big cabinet I would strip it to see what kind of wood and if it is pretty that way then leave in natural form so the buyer can do what they want...if you don't like it then paint it in a lighter color..

The table... love it just like that...

The cradle I don't know why it isn't selling... Maybe paint over it to change the look... paint it pink for a little girl...or stencil something on the ends that has pink and green so you don't have to paint the whole thing...

Have a great day...Lisa

Roger said...

Leave the cabinet alone, restore the paint to the table legs and strip and refinish the cradle in a natrural wood finish.

Jenny said...

I am not an expert on what sells but I can tell you what I like.

Because the corner cabinet has already been painted - I would go ahead & lighten it up. What shade of green is underneath? Some greens are very popular right now so maybe you could paint it a country white then distress it enough to show shades of the green & brown?

I'm unsure on the table. I do love the porcelain top the way it is but I don't think I like the chippy legs. Sorry no good ideas there.

For the cradle, is there some way you could display to show a different use other than a cradle? Maybe two flower pots sitting in it to show it it would be pretty on a porch with flowers growing in it?

I hope you share what you end up doing with each thing.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Table - paint the table legs in the same white and if you don't find/make a drawer maybe you can make a shelf. White and then distressed. (or seal the current paint with wax) and just put it in to see if it sells as is. Perhaps do the least possible first, leave it in your booth for a month and see if it sells.

Cradle - I have same problem, maybe make a small 'mattress' and blanket to add to the cradle. The 'paint it pink ' is a good suggestion but you could try it with the addition of dolly blanket/mattress first and then if that doesn't work paint it. Those spindles take a lot of time to paint.

Cupboard - paint the inside a light color. if it is pine maybe paint and distress so some brown shows through here and there. I would go light - white.
(although you could try it first in your booth to see if it sells as is, would be a LOT less work.)


Susan Schuchts said...

Don't stain the table. Either leave it chippy or repaint it the color it was. I love the cradle as is but the idea of painting it pink is not a bad one. The cabinet needs to be srtipped or repainted a cream or white. Good luck. Please let us know what you decide. BTW, there's a new antiques mall in downtown Parkersburg. Have you been there yet?

storytellermary said...

I was thinking about a little floral touch on the ends of the cradle as well, either with a stencil or freehand. My dressers have little flowers and leaves on the front of the drawers, and I've always liked them.
Not sure on the others. I usually prefer natural wood . . . almost cried when I heard that the new owner of my family home painted white the cabinets my father had built, carefully matching wood grains . . sigh . . .

Granny Sue said...

Wow, I should ask you all more often! Lots of good ideas here. I could paint the cradle pink--I have some pink paint, and Mary I think a little stencil is a good idea. Maybe add the mattress and blanket too--although I also like Jenny's idea of re-purposing it as a plant holder or something.

The consensus on the table so far seems to be to repaint it, perhaps back to the original colors, or to white. I was thinking white, myself although I kinda like it's current chipped look. It is a little rough though, for most homes.

As for the cabinet, my initial idea was to paint it a cream color. I'm wondering about perhaps two different shades, with a lighter color inside?

Granny Sue said...

Susan, it's funny you should ask about the Parkersburg Antique Mall because that's where I bought the little table :) It's a nice place and I had hoped to get a booth there but they told me they have a long waiting list. I find great buys there often, and actually have made some $$ reselling some of those finds on eBay or in my booth. I never thought bargains could be found in antique malls but I'm finding them pretty often. A bowl I bought last week at a mall for $10 sold for $25 this morning on eBay. Eyes open, a little luck and some work can pay off, even in places we think of as having high prices.

Sue said...

storytellermary's comment made me cringe...painting handmade wood cabinets with the grains matched.

Not sure what to do about your pieces. You got some great advice, though!


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