Friday, February 8, 2013

Those Auction Finds

This week at the auction I was shopping differently. You know my love of glass; I can hardly resist it. But I have plenty at the moment. What I need is more furniture, those small items that can fit the bill for the shopper without a lot of bucks but needing to fill a space in their home. The pickings were a little slim, and most of what I ended up with will need at little TLC before going into a booth. But I met my goal of adding some smaller pieces to our stock.

If these pictures make it look like the auction moved right into my house, you're right! It rained today and that makes a lot of mud by the garage where we store things, so everything came inside. It makes me squirm, but hopefully it will all be where it belongs tomorrow. I wonder if other resellers deal with this constant explosion after a big sale? It seems like I no sooner get the house to rights than we come dragging in more stuff to be sorted and dealt with. I dream of a building just for this purpose but I know that for the next few years at least, that will remain a dream. We've got other projects to finish first.

Here's a few things we brought home:

I liked these two old chairs for the detailed woodworking on their backs which unfortunately didn't show well in this photo. They are a matched pair except for the paint. The seat on the natural finish one needs to be replaced. I debated whether to strip the white one but I believe I'll leave them as they are. The little smoking stand needs some work on its top, mostly cleaning and some good oil, I think.

Here's another photo of the chairs, but the woodwork still doesn't show.

I liked this small telephone stand for its simple lines. It needs nothing beyond some cleaning and polishing, although I've played with the idea of painting it. The CD player/radio on top was in a box lot and actually worked so it will end up in the garage, I think.

This simple little primitive bench will remain exactly as it is. On top of it is a stack of antiques reference books that were another lot I bought--even though they're older, they have a lot of photos and information about glass that I can use--they only thing out of date really is the price listings, and that's not nearly as important to me as the photos and other information.

We didn't just get furniture this trip. There's this old cast iron saw part will go into the booth as "industrial art." I hope someone will see some way to use this old thing. It was in a box lot too, one of those what-do-I-do-with-this items. I think it looks kinda cool, though.

 A reproduction mammy cast iron bank that I probably paid too much for. Still learning! The neat kettle was a gift from my sister Liz and is a firestarter. Works quite well too. The stove these pieces are sitting on is no longer in use since we got free gas, and it will go to my son's house sometime this Spring. We kept it as a backup source of heat but after two years we've only used it once, and I'd just as soon have the space and buy some small electric heaters for backup. We still have the wood cookstove in the kitchen and I'm lobbying to get it put back in service again.

Nice little all-tin spice box that's missing one knob. I'll be on the lookout for a replacement--thought about buying some porcelain ones and replacing all the knobs. What do you think?

I really have no idea how silverplate flatware sells. I know I like it and use mine daily, but will it sell? I took a chance on this set (not all matching, either) because it was going cheap, so I guess I'll find out. There are some nice old pieces in here, and some that I might keep.

 These tins aren't new but I liked the bottom one that's shaped like a pop machine.

 I've been picking up little "treasure chests" for this summer's storytelling programs and grabbed this one to add to the collection. That makes 4, and I think with one more I'll have enough for my buried treasure storytelling program. The chair was a freebie--no one bid on it so it was headed to the dumpster. It's a future paint project, one I might experiment with to try out some of the techniques I've seen on blogs. I almost hate to replace that sturdy vinyl seat cover, though--it's that old 1940's or 50's vinyl that's so durable and it's as tight as a drum. So the green seat might stay; I don't know yet.

I didn't get photos of the bunch of garden tools, the wood apple crate, and a few other things that Larry put in the shed. It was a good haul, a lot of useful items--and a lot of work ahead to get some of it ready to sell.

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Grandma Susan said...

Fun seeing the things you got. I am also waiting for good weather to work on all the furniture I have in my garage! Come on Spring!

momalizzie said...

What wonderful items! Those chairs are beautiful and should sell quickly. I love your auction finds and the ideas you have for "perking" them up!

Granny Sue said...

Susan, I hear you. WE're stacked up with projects. I am going to tackle a couple little ones inside, I think, just to get something done. I'm expanding my Ravenswood booth so I'll need things to fill it.

Granny Sue said...

You'd love this auction Liz, but it would probably be dangerous to your pocketbook :)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh be still my heart - the chest full of silverplate. Such beauty and memories. I love it more for that than for the "value" of it. I love using old silver serving pieces - when I do, I always think of the wonderful dinners that have been served with it before me - and the ones that will come after me. Lovely purchases.


You got some great pieces. See my enthusiasm. The reason we no longer haunt auctions. That and we have a house full of furniture and items.
AND we are no longer able to go. My husband had so many collections from sewing machines to sewing items to oil lamps and on and on. WE got rid of a lot thanks to our three daughters. I loved all the things you will be offering in your shops!!!
Blessings, Barb
Enjoy this while you can Granny Sue. It's so much fun.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great bunch of stuff, all good. Thanks for the share.

Sue said...

I like the green seat.

What you do, finding unique treasures, seems like such fun. My husband I used to do a little of it when we were young. You're making me want to start up again.


A Primitive Homestead said...

Many good treasures. That Manny is a great find. Good luck with quick sales. Blessings! Lara

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