Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snowy Weekend and Wicked Finds

What a weekend! Saturday I was junking all day with my sisters; Sunday I had a lazy morning and then went to pick up my check from Riverbend (always a nice experience) and went on to Belpre, Ohio to explore some shops.

The weather was wild. Saturday we darted in and out of rain, and although I wanted to stay a night with my son and his family who live on the other side of West Virginia from me, I decided wisdom was the greater part of valor and headed home across this beautiful mountain state. Good thing, too, because Sunday brought snow and ice and the drive would have been white-knuckle all the way. I will post photos from the time with my sisters and the mountains this week, but for today wanted to share the snowy days pictures, and a few of the finds from my ramblings.

Sunday morning looked like this:

Big, fat flakes fell most of the morning, but the roads remained clear so we had that rarity, beautiful snow scenery without the worry of icy roads.

So, what did I find? Here's a look at the weekend's best:

 I found 2 of these Hull baskets in Broadway, Virginia for a great price. I think they're so pretty.

 The little cobalt vase was a thirft store find, and I believe it is made by Blenko, a West Virginia glassmaker. It has a deep, highly reflective color that is quite unusual.
 Two shepherd hooks that clamp to a railing were Sunday finds.
 I remembered this rug beater being sold at an auction I attended. I missed out on it then, but found it again for a very reasonable price at a flea market. Lucky me :)

Remember this punch bowl? I found a large serving plate that works well as an underplate for the bowl, and I also found a set of hooks to hang the cups. This set has 12 cups but my research indicates that the set would have originally had 18 cups so I will be on the lookout for 6 more cups to make it complete. Then it will be ready to sell. Or not. I'm growing fond of it!

Best find, I think, were these 8 sets of Hazel Atlas Capri snack sets. Gorgeous aqua color! And already on eBay.

This poor old bowl was in awful shape--so dirty you wouldn't believe it. There was some kind of film on it and it had been scratched with metal so there were many gray marks all over it, and ground in brown around the base and lip. It took Brillo, a soft scrubber and finally silver cleaner to get it back to looking good. The silver polish (Wright's Cream) did a great job of removing the metal scratches. There are still some scratches in the yellow color but it looks great now, even with those imperfections. I have the green and blue bowls that go with this Pyrex Primary Colors set, just need the red and I will have another complete set to sell.

I had a great time while I was away, but is there really anything quite like being home?

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Sue said...

I have that yellow bowl from my mother-in-law, and I love it!

You made some great finds, and I'm glad you had such fun with your sisters.


Michelle said...

For me, there is nothing like being home. LOVE the aqua snack sets! I have a set, but in traditional white/flowers.

Nance said...

so many things you find and take home, I have already, desire or admire. The bowls -- I have my mother's set of yellow, green, red, blue bowls that I don't use and another mismatched set (no red -- using a beige of that size). I am glad to know about the Wright's silver cleaner. I admire the Hazel Atlas snack sets and the Shepard's crooks. I bought a "chicken catcher" this past week and for $6 am honored to hang a wire and wood handle on my little cabin wall. We have had snow too and this week the night time lows are like 12, 14 degrees -- so painful! Life's not fair! lol Spring always comes . . . but someyears not until Mother's Day.

Quinn said...

I love visiting your eBay shop...it's like poking around in the back of my cupboard and rediscovering treassures!

Hidden Trails Stables said...

I remember using a big yellow bowl like that growing up. If you ever find another, let me know!!!

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