Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Days My Mind is Blank

I stare at the screen and wonder what to write. I haven't cooked anything spectacular; today is all about canning brown beans and chili. The weather is being weather--snows, then melts, then snows, then rains and once in a while we see the sun.

Since getting home from the workshop Saturday I really haven't gotten into any new projects--I worked a bit on my booth in Ravenswood, did the grocery shopping, housework, laundry. Just ordinary life.

Today, besides canning beans, I'm painting that little cradle I showed you last month.

It is now pink, as many of you suggested when I asked for ideas; I am thinking about dry-brushing it with white and then antiquing and waxing it to give it a little of that aged look.

I did find a small mattress, pillow and quilt for it at Goodwill. Will wonders never cease?! The quilt is in blue, white and pink so the green on the cradle had to go for sure. I think it's going to look cute when I'm done.

I'm also painting a rough shelf we found at a junk shop. It was painted yellow and when I sanded it I found it had also been orange (!) and gray. Maybe it was in an automotive shop? I've painted it flat black and will try my hand at crackling it with white tomorrow. I have a mirror that I might try with that too, on the frame which is currently dark wood but I want to see how the first effort turns out first.

The next project for me as far as storytelling is a day at an elementary school that includes creative writing classes with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. I will be putting in some time planning for that this week and next; I love writing with kids and have missed it since the writing group I had at my branch library lo these many years ago. That group was actually the reason I got back into writing. Kids are inspiring, at least for me.

So that's been my ho-hum, but still satisfying days. We haven't been to any auctions, and the best find recently was a doubletree with the attached singletrees (if you don't know what these are, here's a photo of what I'm talking about). We found it at the Goodwill over in Ohio! I am always surprised by what turns up in the thrift stores.

Tomorrow I will share pics of today's projects if I get them finished. For tonight, I think it's movies by the fire and listening to the little peeps pecking about in their box. Sounds like a fine evening to me :)

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RobynFromSimplyme said...

Wow you certainly have a lot going on.. Love the crib..I understand what you mean.. Some days I have no clue what to write. Like you I don't have anything going on right now like crafts, I haven't cooked anything worth mentioning etc.. Im learning on days like this? I just dont blog.. LOL

Granny Sue said...

I considered leaving it alone, Robyn, and not writing, but then as I started to type the words came--which often happens. It reminds me of when my mother used to call me every day when I was a young wife. We didn't have anything to talk about since we'd just talked the day before, but somehow we'd fill an hour and find all sorts of things to discuss!

Jenny said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects, especially the cradle with the sweet quilt. And I don't think your post was boring at all. It feels like visiting with my neighbor to hear what she's been up to.


Even on day when you have nothing going on it seems to me you have plenty. WE lead simpler lives at our house so guess when you don't have a thousand things in the hooper it seems you are not busy. Believe me, you are, girl!
Love reading what you are into. Love the cradle. Yes, pink is good. Some little girl will love that with the quilt and pillow.
Hugs and please continue your blog. Thanks, Barb

Free short story on my blog today.
Hoot and Marla, a WV couple take a trip.

Granny Sue said...

Hopping over to read, Barb! Today I have more energy than yesterday, so look out world :) Nah, I'll probably just finish what I started and maybe work on ...ugh...taxes...

Sue said...

That crib is really shaping up!


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