Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review: Breadline Blue

Lorna MacDonald Czarnota is a stellar storyteller and ballad-singer; add to her accomplishments Young Adult novelist. Her new book, Breadline Blue was recently published by Little Creek Press.

Breadline Blue is the Depression-era story of young William Saxton who decides to make his way to Washington DC to speak with Eleanor Roosevelt about his family's pressing needs. It seemed a reasonable plan to him--just hop a train, ride to the city, go to the White House and ask to speak to the First Lady.

The reality was far different from what he expected, leading Blue, as William came to be called, into adventures both dangerous and eye-opening. The experiences change Blue's perceptions in this coming-of-age story that provides insights into the world of the rail-hopping men who kept moving on to "Next Town" in search of a better life. Sobering, uplifting and thought-provoking, the book is a must-read for teens interested in the Depression; adults will find it a fascinating read as well.

I was honored to be a reader of the first draft of Breadline Blue; yesterday I sat down and read the finished book cover to cover, in one sitting. I was transported to a time of great change, to the life of a boy who became a man along his journey, and put the book down reluctantly when I finally turned the last page. I hope Lorna will consider a sequel and let her readers know what happened to Blue as he matured; I am reluctant to let him go.

Lorna will be in Jackson County this weekend to perform with me at the Parkersburg Scottish and Celtic Festival. She will also be performing at a house concert at my home on Sunday afternoon. If you would like to attend, please send me a message at susannaholstein@yahoo.com .

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Granny Kate said...

Excellent review. This goes on my "must read" list. TY

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