Monday, April 8, 2013

When Cadyn Came to Visit

Great-granddaughter Cadyn and her parents came to visit yesterday. What did she do while she was here?

Tried out Granny's big binoculars--and liked them better when she looked into them from the opposite end and made everything smaller;

Showed me her long her hair had grown, and told me she wants it to grow to the floor (Rapunzel?)

Made her Poppa Larry laugh and smile--a lot. She went to his workshop to get him because she wanted to go and see the new chickens. She didn't ask, just told him, "You need to come right now and show me those chickens."

She was amazed that there were "all little chickens, no big ones!" The chicks did not want to be fed, although Cadyn tried patiently for quite a while;

Brought this huge old broccoli stalk to the porch. "I thought it was a bone," her mother said. "Well, I thought it was a cat!" Cadyn said;

Stood out in a soft April shower, looking for a rainbow. We didn't see one, but the sun shining through the rain was beautiful all by itself.

And this little lady is so beautiful too, with her pretty smile, busy mind and surprising imagination. She'll be turning four this month, and it is so hard to believe she is so old (her birth seems like only last year) and yet so young because she knows so many things and can talk about anything, real or imagined. Her grandfather (my son Jon) would have been fascinated, amazed and completely besotted by her. I am thankful every day that he was there for her birth and had at least a little time with this special little person.

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Sue said...

It's always a blessing when grandchildren come to visit...and great grandchildren must be every bit as good!

She is adorable.


Michelle said...

She is a beauty. How wonderful that you had some special time with her.

Nance said...

oh I love children. and Wiseacres. We call those with an answer for everything Wiseacre and Weisenheimer. My husband is of German descent.

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