Monday, May 27, 2013

Auction Aftermath, and Finds

After storytelling and sightseeing on Thursday, we still had time to visit the auction. It's probably a good thing that a) we didn't get there earlier, and b) we were in my car, because we filled the car to the roof in the short time we were there.

As usual, I got everything sorted and mostly packed away before I thought about taking pictures, but here are a few of what it looked like afterwards:

First, the rejects, otherwise known as heading to a consignment auction:

There are usually quite a few items included in box lots that we did not want, all mixed in with the things we did want. So once we get it all home, it's time to sort and decide what's a keeper and what's not. This trip resulted in eight or nine boxes of things we can't use, so these will be sent to another auction.

The carload ended up sorted and priced into 4 large totes, plus one metal cabinet not pictured that I will need to repaint, a dozen wood birdhouses that Larry is working on, and three boxes of tools and hardware also not pictured. 

A few of our finds will remain at our house--some things I just buy for me, you know? Like this amberina bird by Viking:

And some are chipped and not worth selling, but I like them well enough to give them a home here. After all, it doesn't seem to take long for my hubby to chip almost any dish he gets his hands on--he forgets that our cast iron-porcelain sink and tile coutertops are pretty unforgiving. But this little bird box and the two plates in the following photo are just so pretty a little chip or two doesn't diminish them in my eyes:

A few other recent finds:

The amber candlesticks (probably Cambridge glass) prompted me to turn the table from crystal to amber for a few days.

This lovely dresser was painted a dark brown enamel; under that was silver and then black paint. Larry stripped and stained it and I just love it. We're using it in the house while he refinishes the dresser that was mine when I was a child. I'm not sure I want to part with this one, though!

Red alarm in the kitchen! My 30's red kitchen items seem to be multiplying! I found the little teapot last year in Virginia and had it for sale for a while, but decided to bring it home. The red pitcher was a find on one of those Facebook buy-sell-trade sites, and the shakers came from various places. The cookie jar I've had since I was 18; it belonged to my first husband's great-aunt and I bought it at the estate sale when she passed away. It still makes me smile to think of her, that fiesty little lady who lived in her own home and kept a boarder until she passed away at 97.

I think I am finally caught up from last week's activities, except for the garden things that are going on and the work that has started again on our cabin room. More on those later this week. 

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storytellermary said...

I do love your pretty things and the way you arrange them! My late mother-in-law used to put a dish towel in the bottom of the sink when washing particularly fragile and special items . . . your mention of chips just reminded me of that.

I discovered a quirk in the mixer, and a fix. When it is turned off, it trips the safety switch on the outlet, not a big deal, as it's just a matter of pushing the reset. However, if I take it to low and then just unplug it before turning it all the way off, I don't even have to do that much . . . Hah! gadgets are so funny!!
I made zucchini bread and the mixer worked well -- the bread is good, but I think it was a mistake adding cranberries, tastes good, but odd color.

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