Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New to the Booth: Dining Set

Finally, here's a look at one part of the estate sale finds from last week's buying: a dining room set with buffet, china cabinet with 3 shelves, a round table with 3 leaves and 6 chairs.

We really had to do some rearranging to get it into our booth but everything fit.

And of course, when we finally got home from the last hauling trip, we realized that we'd left the 3 shelves for the china cabinet behind. We'll be going back down that way the end of this week so we can pick them up then. I suppose that's not too bad considering how much stuff we moved. So the cabinet is wearing a sign that says "shelves coming soon!" We were relieved to get this moved with all the glass intact. Three sides are that old wavy glass so we were really careful with it. 

I will add more photos later on as we add more things from the sale, but wanted to give you a peek at a least part of what we brought home.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful stuff in your booth - lucky shoppers.


Granny Sue -- Everything -- table chairs and cabinet are beautiful. I'm sure they won't last long in your booth! -- barbara

Michelle said...

Your booth really does look good and I like the look of the table/chair set.

Nance said...

ahhh, I am a sucker for buffets and sideboards. and that china cabinet is beautiful! I do like that style of dining room. I bet those are gone before I get to W Va. :)

Sue said...

I've got a dining room table I love but am looking for a china closet. So far, no luck.

Your booth looks very appealing!


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