Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rurality: Running the Rails

 On a recent trip to southern West Virginia to haul more of the estate sale items we'd bought, we found ourselves traveling beside a coal train. Here's a photo journal of our ride:

First, we went around many, many curves like this,

and like this,

until we came to this one, where the arrows point both ways at once. See the train down there on the left? That is where the road goes, almost completing a 360-degree turn.

And here we are rounding the turn, which as you can see by the skidmarks above, is not easy for everyone,

and then we're alongside the train.

Very close, in fact.

We went over the water, and so did the train,

then we went up a hill while down below us our train passed another train heading the opposite way

and then our train disappeared behind another hill,

And we passed it up! See it far back in the lower center?

Bye, train!

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Jenny said...

Oh please tell us what roads your on & what towns you're going through - this native WV is hungry for any pics of home. :o)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a fun trip. We saw so many trains when we visited West Virginia - at night I woke up every time one went through Kenova - which was very often - after two weeks I finally got used to it - and then it was time to come home. Our two year old grandson absentmindedly says - ChooChoo every time he hears a train - it is like it is the regular background music of his life.

Granny Sue said...

Jenny, this was Route 61. We traveled from Oak Hill through Kincaid, Page--North, South, and plain old Page, a few other unincorporateds, then the big curve was in Deepwater (Pronounced DEEPwater). I will post some pictures soon of our visit to Virginia Chapel, a lovely little church in Cedar Grove.

Sue said...

So you're out there racing trains in your spare time, huh?


Nance said...

I think I have been on that road. I will have to read my vacation journal but I seem to remember that 90 degree turn and the railroad tracks. But if not this one, the one I drove through I enjoyed and photographed all the way. Thanks for the memories.

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