Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vintage Thursday: Booth Pics at Antique Mall of Marietta, OH, and a New Booth

It's been a while since I posted photos of our Marietta booth, so here's a quick look:

I added a lot of Pyrex and mid-century kitchen things here. They seem to be good sellers in this location.

New additions: the Cavalier cedar chest, handmade quilts and a small maple bookshelf.

It is funny what will be in the booth for quite a while, then suddenly sell. We had a large green bench here, and a coal scuttle; both had been in the booth for months and both sold at the same time.

Recent additions in this area: the "Gone with the Wind" style lamp, pitcher and bowl set and the old brass fire extinguisher.

Top of the cabinet focuses on retro kitchen items. The rolling pins started selling again when I put them in this rack. The old cabinet needs to come home with us sometime and get a redo but we haven't had time to do that yet. I thought someone might buy it as-is to fix up; think again.

Looking down the aisle along one of my areas.

 Some additions here include the tall handpainted pitcher, the McKenna whiskey jug, and the blue pottery kitchenware that some people believe were made by Cameron West Virginia Clay Products and others claim they were made by Cronin Pottery in Ohio. Also new here are the Belleek Irish teapot and the brown clay teapot.

Yesterday evening we drove over to Athens, Ohio to check out a new antique mall that will be opening at the end of the month. We liked the look of the building and its location, so we rented a booth there! We need the space, believe it or not; with both of our locations full to overflowing we still have sheds full of things to be sold so we are glad to have one more outlet for selling. We will start moving in next week, and I'll post photos of the process (if I can remember! I can be so bad about forgetting to take pictures!).

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Sue said...

I almost always buy Pyrex when I can tell it's old school, because they made it of better, safer ingredients. The new stuff can explode and shatter under certain conditions.


JJM said...

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You've travelled a long way in a very short time in the reselling business. Congratulations indeed.

Janet, said...

You have such neat stuff, Susanna.

Michelle said...

I love the look of your glassware. A great variety.

Michelle said...

I love the look of your glassware. A great variety.

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