Monday, June 24, 2013

A Traveling Time, and Catching Up on Some News

We are on the road again today.  Almost home when I found that I could write on a screen with my inger and it turns to typed words. How cool.

Well, the above is what I wrote with my finger and as you can see it's not perfect, but then it was a bumpy curvy road. Next time I'll try it with the stylus. I am finding a lot of neat bells and whistles on my new phone, although I'm not sure how many of them are really necessary.

I have been on the road since last Thursday, traveling each day. Today's journey was to beautiful Marshall county, West Virginia, to the small town of Cameron, to tell stories at the library. Here are a few photos of the trip:

Breathtaking views in more ways than one--there are many big gas drilling trucks traveling these narrow twisting roads, and not a lot of room for error.

Downtown Cameron. This town was once the home of Cameron Clay Products, makers of many fine pieces that are highly collectible today. Check out their Facebook page to see if you might own some of these prized pieces.

Telling King Midas with lots of little helpers!

Homeward bound, through more incredible scenery.

Loved this little country church. I posted this photo on Facebook and a friend immediately identified the church and its location!

The next two days will be at home, and I think it will feel very, very good. The gardens need us for sure with the temperatures continuing to be in the upper 80's to low 90's. My house would like some of my attention too, and then there is the three days of storytelling workshops for children next week to prepare for. No sitting on my hands for some time to come.

Speaking of the gardens we have had cucumbers, squash and new potatoes this week, and you know that they all tasted like nectar. Raspberries are almost done but the blackberries are loaded and we're hoping for a good crop of them. And the honey! Did I tell you that we harvested it last week? It's lovely, the lightest and prettiest we've ever had.

Can't leave without a garden pic! Or at least one of what's coming out of that fertile ground:

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I have not commented but I have read each post with great pleasure. Love seeing your garden bounty too.
As always.

Mamabug said...

Love little country churches, and that is beautiful honey! Back at my blog again!

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