Monday, June 3, 2013

Phone, Car,Truck Shopping

Here's a shot of the bqck of the car, posted from my new phone . Cool. Maybe the new technology iisn't so bad!phone died, car and truck are both getting long in the tooth, so it seems like technology has taken a front seat this week. Bah. Not fun stuff but it has to be done. We drove about 300miles to look at a nice little Nissan but unfortunately it had more problems than Rhonda, my current wheels.  So it's back to the search. On the plus side,  the guy who had the car worked on cleaning ouforeclosed houses and in theprocess had collected a lot of cool stuff. So we ended up driving back with a load of things for the booths, including a wardrobe and matching bedframe, afolding.wood table, abox of old lures and reels, two retro light fixtures, an antique bow saw, coal mining pick and a few other things.
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Nance said...

a new car and a new phone all in one week. That's fun! but now you have got to learn all the bells, whistles and switches. May they be user friendly : )

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