Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning Visitors

They are always in a hurry. They buzz in and out, eat and run. They chase each other through my garden and they get upset if the food isn't ready when they are. And there is nothing that says summer like hummingbirds zipping through the garden.

I love watching the hummingbirds at our feeders. Catching them for a photo is another story. I sometimes wish I had one of those cameras with multiple lenses and the expertise to use them, just to be able to take good photos of birds. The hummingbirds seem to be the most difficult to catch since they are almost always in lightning quick motion. I did manage to get a few shots this morning by waiting patiently.

 And then she was gone, chased off by another hummer, probably the male,

who made his way over to our other feeder. I think we have two pairs of hummingbirds around here, because I have seen two of the males at one time. 

Larry is religious about filling their feeders, and woe be unto him if they get empty! These little guys will buzz around our porch or perch on a dead twig and chatter at him (chatter isn't the right word for it, but what else can describe their sound?) until the red liquid is refilled.

Summer and hummers--they just go together, don't they?

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Jeanne Baney said...

Did you have to wait long before they found your feeders? I hung one about six weeks ago and still no sign. Only three houses on my street and very few flowers except at my house. Just wondering how quickly they usually find a feeder.

Granny Sue said...

It took several weeks, Jeanne, so be patient, especially if there are not a lot of red or pink flowers in your neighborhood. We fed the other birds all winter and I wonder if that also helps attract the hummers. They see other birds hanging around and check it out?!

Brighid said...

I always plant a lot of red flowers, so they like to come by. Such amazing little birds. Love watching them.

Nance said...

we have hummers. Sometimes we have 8 or so . . . middle of summer it dropps off to a couple of pairs. We instinctively know that 'hhmmm' now. We don't have to see them to know they are at the feeders. Someday I hope to find a hummingbird nest. My Granny would find them in Wood Co, WV. 1890s.

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