Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Additions: Dressing it Up

Since I will be on the road much of the next two weeks, I'm working on my booths to get them fully stocked while I'm away. Today I was at Ravenswood. We'd sold a table and a matching chair this week so I knew I had space for another piece of furniture. I also knew that sales were fairly good over the holiday so I packed a few other things to fill the empty spaces I hoped to find.

This is the furniture item we added today. I like the simple lines and elegant good looks of this dresser. I am not sure of the wood. The previous owner said it was poplar but it certainly looks to me like there is some walnut here too.

I've wanted to add a few more rustic elements to this booth so today we brought old metal cans and a copper boiler to add to the crocks and wooden boxes we've brought in recently. I rearranged things a bit to give a fresh look.

I also changed the items on display on the Hoosier cabinet, which still has not sold. There are many people asking about it, but no one has made the leap yet. In the meantime it makes a good display piece for our kitchen items. Today I added Jadeite cups, saucers, bowl and bud vase, a blue onion spice set, a couple glass counter jars, a pretty pink apron and a few other things.

I can't remember if I posted a pic of the corner cabinet we brought to the booth last week. I've had this cabinet for months, thinking I would repaint it--I even asked opinions here and bought the paint! But spring and summer caught me before I could start the project and the cabinet has been in the way in my bedroom. So it went to the booth as-is; maybe if it doesn't sell before next winter I will bring it home and paint it.

I changed up the glass on display a bit too, grouping amethyst glass plates and other pieces, and adding the peacocks as accent.

I also brought in this neat folding mirror. This thing is heavy! The mirrors are 1/4" thick, and I wonder if it might have been part of a store display, for people to look into when trying on
 jewelry or something. It adds a nice touch to the punch bowl set, I think.

The two-tier brass-and-glass shelf is new to the booth too, as is the amethyst glass basket displayed on it. I've had a lot of good finds recently and my workroom at home was getting pretty piled up. I spent all afternoon yesterday getting things priced and organized and I feel like I can breathe in my room again.

Tomorrow I'll be working on Athens and Marietta so I hope to have new photos from both of them to share. Assuming of course that I remember my camera--that's always iffy!

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Nance said...

I know walnut when I see it . . . but I don't know poplar. I know I love that bureau . . . and wish I was near there. Simple and elegant, for sure.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love seeing your additions today. Hope you remember your camera and share again tomorrow.

Angela said...

That is a beautiful dresser! I love it! It does look like it has walnut in it to me too. You sure do have some very beautiful things there!

Sue said...

That dresser is a nice piece. Those are not easy to find. Just basic and practical with good lines.


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