Friday, September 20, 2013

Beautiful Blackwater

We've been on a short road trip the past two days, this time to Blackwater Falls, WV, home of the waterfall and the state park. I was invited to perform for the September Fest/Senior Fall Fling group at the park's lodge, an opportunity I was happy to accept. Blackwater Falls is one of the prettiest places in our state, located in an area of forests, small communities, fast-running rivers and scenery to take your breath away.

It has been several years since I performed at the park, and it was just as beautiful and welcoming as ever. We made a beeline for the falls on arrival; I knew we'd have to leave early in the morning and I didn't want to miss a chance to see them.

And there they were, just as I remembered:

Nice shelvin' rock along the path to the falls reminded of the story of the Carpenter family of central West Virginia (still part of Virginia at the time), and how they sheltered under such a rock until they could get their cabins built, back when this state was first being settled by white pioneers in the late 1700's.  One of them, Sol I believe it was, wrote a tune about it, called Shelvin' Rock. You can hear it played by Ernie Carpenter in 1987 here.

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Angela said...

I don't know why I haven't ever seen the shelf rock with all the times we have been there! lol I thought I had seen almost everything but I guess I haven't!


Beautiful place. I've been in the lodge but the day we went it poured the rain and we could not go down the steps. Very sad.
Maybe I'll go again some day. Blessings.

Rowan said...

Looks lovely, so many places I'd love to visit but I don't think I'm going to live that long:)
Not long now! Have fun.

Sue said...

What a gorgeous spot to visit. It must have been lots of fun to perform there.


Granny Sue said...

Sue, it feels like a privilege to be asked to come there and tell stories :) The audience was so great, just excellent listeners and participants--because my style of storytelling relies on my listeners being willing to engage in the telling with comments, singing along and sharing. Such fun!

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