Thursday, October 10, 2013

Afternoon Visitors

We've had a small herd of deer coming around all summer. Our dogs pay no attention to them; they don't even bark. Right now the deer are after the apples that are falling from the trees, and they've done a very good job of keeping the ground cleaned up, I must say. No worry about yellow jackets swarming around under the trees this year.

Yes, he's drooling as he eats that juicy, sweet apple!

Today our visitors arrived in mid-afternoon, sauntering down to the yellow apple tree to do their clean-up duty. They ignored me in the window, snapping their picture. I guess they knew I wasn't going to jump down on them.

We have had to wrap some young trees in gauze to keep the deer from eating them, and today Larry spread chicken wire on the ground under a tree of Arkansas Blacks to keep the deer from literally standing on two legs and pulling down the branches to get the apples. I've seen them do this, really I have. I don't mind sharing, but we seldom get any apples from this tree because of the deer so I am hoping we'll have some to store year, as the tree is loaded.

They are pretty, aren't they? Even when they're a pest, who can help seeing their beauty?

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Quinn said...

Just spreading chicken wire flat on the ground will keep the deer off? I wonder if it would work for goats! I have to fence around any tree I want to save, and it's a lot of work - I can't stay ahead of the goats.

Steve Ferendo said...

MMMmmmm, apple cured vension. Not a bad trade off. When I was growing up in WV it was a special thing to even see a deer; now they have become a pest...go figure.

Carolyn H said...

Nice. I have deer sleeping on either side of my driveway. Usually I don't see them until I scare them away, unfortunately.

Sue said...

Exactly, they are so pesky. And so pretty.


Anonymous said...

They hop over my fence regularly to browse. I've managed to get within about 10 feet before they spook. Once let out one of my older dogs who didn't wandered around the yard without seeing them until she almost bumped into one. They seemed to know she was harmless, weren't bothered as they would are by the other dogs

I've seen a small herd arrive after the apples have had time to ferment awhile. Yes, deer get drunk too. My pig, on the other hand ate without seeming to get drunk - or maybe I don't know what a drunk pig looks like.

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