Sunday, October 20, 2013

England, Day 5: In Grantchester

If I have one regret in my life, it is that I did not go to England sooner. How I would have liked to know my Uncle Ted better; everything my cousins and my Aunt Flo tell me makes me realize what a wonderful person he was. He had many memories and stories too, of growing up with my mother. My cousins have shared many but I am sure I would have had questions, questions, questions.

My uncle loved to walk. He had a certain path he walked almost every day--a three mile public pathway from his home in Grantchester that took him into Cambridge. What did he do once he reached the city? I don't really know; perhaps John can tell me. I wonder if he went to a tea shoppe and read the paper before walking back home? I think that is what I would have done. When I go back to England, Uncle Ted's walk is on top of my list of things to do.

We took Aunt Flo for a little walk Saturday morning, through Grantchester and to the path and Uncle Ted's favorite bench. It was a lovely day for walking; the weather stayed clear and cool the whole time we were there, England showing us her best.

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Still marveling at the thatched roofs. Here's a closer look at one:

If you look closely, you'll notice that the thatch is overlaid with chicken wire to keep it in place. Genius.

Looking down a path. I was intrigued by the bumpout on the back of this house--what's it for, I wonder? And look how thick the thatch is.

Prettily painted doors on all the houses, and interesting chimneys too. 

This was the village school but now is a community center. We did not go to the art exhibit, just admired the exterior. Lots of orbs floating around...

Another nice home, and a red door peeking out of the greenery. I liked the rooflines in this photo.
Ah, the pubs! This is the Red Lion, where we had lunch after our wak.

And the other pub, the Green Man. (They were having a Beer Festival in the evening; we stopped by but didn't stay; it was too cold to be out in the tent and none of us were in the mood for reggae, that evening;s musical offering.) Note the odd light in the photo--no reason for it that I know, perhaps just the angle of the light.
And this is where my Uncle Ted loved to walk, along the River Cam. Les and Aunt Flo come here fairly often. I liked that about Grantchester--it was not difficult to get Aun Flo about in her chair. She can walk and does so at home but when she goes out, the chair provides a safer transport.

 This is the path to Cambridge that Uncle Ted walked every day. As he got older, he would walk into town and then take the bus home. I wish there were paths like this here; while there are a few, it's a good drive to get to them. In England there are any number of paths to choose from in a fairly close area. America's space is a blessing and sometimes a curse, as we are so reliant on our vehicles.

Randomw flowers twining up the side of a house; I saw many familiar flowers but there were also many I did not recognize. I think this is clematis, but I'm not sure.
And beautiful red berries against a stone wall. What simple beauty.

More about Grantchester tomorrow. There's much more to this pretty town than I have shown here.

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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Glad to be updated on the bits that I missed through having to go back to work. The chicken wire is to keep the birds out, they pull the thatch out to make nestholes, causing lots of damage.

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