Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little Catch-Up Time

I've been posting about our trip for the past month, but there's been a lot going on while I've been writing about England and Ireland. Here's a few of the more recent happenings.

October 19th: Home--the leaves have been breathtaking this year--as they are most years, actually. This was taken about two weeks ago.

October 20th: Beechnuts! I have never, ever seen or tasted them before. But we saw some along the roadside a couple weeks back and stopped to pick them up and taste them. Larry says that the squirrels get them fast and no wonder. They're absolutely delicious.
 October 26th:The Ohio River, early morning as I traveled to Ohio to present a storytelling workshop.
 It was a frosty morning on the river; the little houses along its banks looked snug and cozy despite the cold.
 October 27th: We drove back to Boone County, WV to visit my husband's family cemetery again.
October 30th: Then later in the week, we drove to central West Virginia for a storytelling day at a school in Richwood, WV. It was a day of ghost stories, and the mist rising from the hollows certainly played to the theme.
 October 31: The following day I was in Roane County at an elementary school, again telling ghost stories. I took the back way home and came through Duncan, WV. The old general store is still standing but just barely. I remember when it was still in operation, back when I was a rural mail carrier on the route close to this store.

October 30: While I told stories in Richwood, Larry visited Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. This is the park's museum. There are many ghost stories connected with this location--sightings of soldiers, sounds of battle and much more, reported over the past century or so by many people who have no connection or contact with each other.
 The tower at the park. Larry climbed it, and said it was quite an experience.
October 20: Two weekends ago, we went to my son's house for our annual cider-making.
 We made 16 gallons in less than two hours, had a fine cookout and lots of good conversation.
 October 21: I took part in a performer's showcase for the Pennsylvania Library Association near Washington, PA. The countryside was simply beautiful--high, gently rolling mountain ridgeland.

October 21: the sun setting over the Monongahela River near Morgantown, WV as we drove home from the PA showcase.
 November 3: the beechnut trees on Joe's Run, as I returned from my trip to Kentucky, for the Keentucky Storytelling Association'conference.
 Homeward bound on Joe's Run.

That's just a few of the places I traveled last month. It was a busy month, full of beauty, people, performing and learning.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Your October was bursting at the seams with exploration, storytelling and visual delights.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I was wondering how you fit it all in; then I remembered - retired from the unholy rat-race of paid employment! Glad to see you're keeping busy and I guess Larry's knee must be holding out if he's climbing towers. Take care.

Quinn said...

That cidermaking picture reminds me that I need to drive over to the orchard in the next town and treat myself to a gallon. And apples for baking and perhaps an experiment in drying. Thanks for the nudge!

Granny Sue said...

That's exactly it, John--that and saying yes to opportunities that come along. You know, at this point in my life I know I have an uncertain amount of time left for all the things I still want to do. That's not a pessimistic view, but a realistic one, and it keeps me from settling back and leaving things until "later." Later is now, I think.

Granny Sue said...

Quinn, you might try making vinegar too. Just put water over your peelings and let it set. Some people add a little cider, or cider vinegar, to help the process along.

Granny Sue said...

It has been a fun ride, Joy. November is already bringing more of the same, although this month I'll be crowding in more work in my booths; they were neglected last month and sales reflected that.

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