Thursday, November 21, 2013

Booth Update #2: Marietta

We made some changes at Marietta this month after selling one of the dressers we had there. That opened up space for the two American Chestnut church pews we've had in storage for a while. We had to stand them up against the wall because they're about 8 feet long. I love our space at this mall--actually, our 3 spaces--because we have so much versatility about how to display our wares.
 I've come upon a lot of copper recently for some reason. I love it myself, but I am not sure it's really in style these days. I like the warm glow of it.

I stacked crates to make more display space on top of the table. Making use of vertical space is critical to getting the most out of a booth.

This is an oops photo, but I wanted to show how the crates and table worked together. I'll have to take another when we get back up there.

This is in one of out other spots at Marietta. Not an ideal area because there is a big door to the left of the photo that we can't block, but the rent is low because of that and we make it work for us.
 This is our original space. We had it for all of one day before we added the second area, above. This is along an heavily-traveled aisle and is a good spot for glassware and other smalls.
 This is the other end of the aisle booth.

 I keep rearranging the items on these shelves, adding new and taking out to keep it fresh. Furniture is not nearly so easy to move around so it tends to stay put for a lot longer!

That's a quick tour of the Marietta booth. Best sellers here are vintage and retro kitchen items and other things from the mid-century up through the 70's, along with primitives and what I call "man" stuff---old tools, rusty stuff. Glassware does reasonably well; I have decided to keep little in the way of fabric items here because this is an old, old building and pretty dusty, which makes it difficult to keep them clean. Unusual items like the African mudcloths I had sell well here, probably due to Marietta being an arts college town.

Next I'll show some Ravenswood Riverbend Antique Mall photos. Things have been changing fast there as we've been having some good turnover and have moved in a lot of new things.

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Janet, said...

You have such neat stuff, Susanna. I don't buy much any more, though, I already have too much and not enough room for it. Unless I find something at a yard sale at a very good price and I just can't walk away from it.

Quinn said...

I wish so much I could visit your booths - and I'm a person who rarely enjoys shopping! But every time you post pictures I spend ages peering at each image and trying to get a better look at a few special items I would probably not leave without.
And now chestnut gosh, I seriously feel the urge to make a road trip!

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